The "No Arousal" Method - Celibacy of Body AND Mind

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    I like this method and I am willing to move forward with it. I know I have tried a type of method similar to this one (no name for it). It was most practiced when I was in high school or college when the focus of my attention was on school. When I would pass a really good looking girl in the hallway or on the street I would start to get those thoughts of wanting to fuck her. Then, I would soon realize there is no point to entertaining those thoughts because I can't fuck her right now in this moment. The problem would then resurface when I returned home and started to think about that hot girl and visualize in my head how good her body looked. Because I had no healthy outlet such as sex, my outlet was pornography. Needless to say, I did have a girlfriend but if I wasn't at her dorm or house because she was in class or work the compulsion would get so strong that I would masturbate to porn.

    Nowadays, I am not in school and currently don't have a job. I am searching for work because I believe it is healthy to have work to keep your mind occupied and also keeps you from thinking about sex all the time. As a matter of fact, work is a great way to keep myself from looking at porn because I don't want to get caught at work and usually at work my thoughts are on my work not sex. Work can only do so much so I know I have join some social clubs and organizations. Lately, I have been attending AA and NA meetings to get know more about my other addictions and myself. It is nice to sit in these meetings and share my stories and listen to others. I find many other addicts have struggles with sexuality other than their drug of choice so it is sort of therapeutic. Also, I have been exercising, going to the gym, doing yoga, and meditating more often. I am finally starting to feel a sense of balance, powerless over addiction, strength, and peace in life.

    In conclusion, having tried a similar method to the NOA method I can say that there is nothing to lose. Especially in the first 3-6 months while my brain is rewiring and then for the long term 12mos, the NOA method seems to be the best way.
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    Great idea bro. I have silently been trying to quit PMO for quite some years now and I can truely say that this is what I needed. You cannot win this battle if you are surrounded by triggers. You need to relax your mind to reboot. I am following your method religiously and things are working out miraculously.
  3. good luck guys... i believe that for many guys NoA is the best way to get out of the deepest rut... to make that initial leap that takes most self-control and strength... its not universal method but for many guys - especially if you tried everything else without success - its worth trying... you may find you are the type of guy who benefits from radical methods... it wont suite everyone, but there are many guys like me who prefer this type of methods and have good results with them...
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    so when stop using porn would not make my life better, why should i stop it because my life is pretty ok , even if i PMO 3 times a day i can´t complain about anything ?
  5. well than why you are here on this website (YBR) ? NoA method is directed on people who feel PORN is a problem in their life (whatever the reason)... if that is not your case than iam afraid this thread is not gonna benefit you at all...
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    because i read a lot about the benefits of better communication Skills, more Motivation and so on... an i thought it would help me in this way
  7. hmmm i think most of the claims about superpowers are bit overstated and ussually describe early days without PORN (like first 3 weeks or so where testosterone levels fluctuate a lot)... i personally never claimed in NoA thread that you will gain motivation or better social skills... i cant confirm any of those claims from my own experience... these claims may come from some guys with slight testosterone increases around DAY 7 or DAY 14 due to mild surplus of testosterone... but in the longrun (months and years or abstinence from PORN) these testosterone spikes ussually subside and dont occur past first few weeks... you will most likely hit an opposite condition called FLATLINE... where you motivation, mood, etc. will gradually go down over the course of months because your dopamine circuits are starved without PORN stimulation...

    a lot of the psychological side-effects (good and bad) are pure placebo... some people feel so good about giving up a stigmatised addiction that they suddenly feel like better people and a blanket is lifted of their dark mood that they start to smile and socialise more and things pickup a momentum and they feel really empowered... but this in my opinion has nothing to do with bodily functions or brain... its pure willpower and power of thoughts... some people may have a good run with this but there are many other who loose this initial boost after few weeks or months...

    i suggest you read around YBR ( and YBOP ( about peoples acounts on side-effects of abstinence and make sure the poster states how long he is in the abstinence because what may look like a miracle transformation in first 4 weeks may be short-lived in the long-run... try to differentiate between long-term abstainers (3-6-12-24 months) and newbies (weeks)... their claims will most likely differ although i never did such a research for myself...

    anyway, iam sorry but this NoA thread is a description of specific sobriety program or method... reading this thread already assumes you want to give up PORN (whetever your reason) and you are researching different approaches to acomplish that goal... as such the purpose of this thread is not to discuss whether you should or shouldnt give up porn or what will be your specific gains and losses for doing so... there is a lot other threads that focus on that... i suggest serching both sites with google site search before you decide if you want to quit PORN or not...

    try these google searches (paste the whole line into google search query):

    side effects

    side effects
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    I've been trying hard to do this now for a couple weeks.

    It's like whenever I'm out in public my mind subconsciously searches for any slightly attractive women to look at.

    Sometimes I'm able to look away, sometimes I fixate for longer than I should.

    Definitely not easy.
  9. jjveetec

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    This business is all about NOT going on autopilot. Doesn't apply only to tits and asses - everything too
  10. TRUE

    Also. This method is a lot about motivation to change your life in broader sense. From my own experience the more you want to get rid of the addiction the eaiser it is to hold on to methods like NoA. Could be rephrased as, the deeper you are in the gutter and hate your addiction or maybe start to panic that you will never shake it off the easier it is to adopt extraordinary challenges. Likewise the further you are away from the addiction and free from PORN the more you question the abstinence from watching girls bodies on the street. Its completely understandable reaction in both directions.
  11. Deleted User

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    Quitting porn won't make us god, but it will allow our brains to rewire. Porn screws up our dopamine and GABA systems; just setting them back to a normal state can lead to all the benefits mentioned above (socialisation, concentration, energy, and so on). If there are other factors (childhood trauma, shyness, no job, the list goes on) creating your issues, quitting PMO won't heal it, but you're gonna have more chances fixing it if you're not under control of PMO addictions.

    You can make people depressed just by messing with their dopamine status. PMO messes with our dopamine status and more. Look for information on dopamine D2 receptors, sensitisation, desensitisation and brain rewiring on YBOP. That's it.
  12. DarkFlameMaster

    DarkFlameMaster Don’t regret the past, just learn from it.

    Wow, that is truly informative.. didnt knew about that till now. :eek:
  13. DarkFlameMaster

    DarkFlameMaster Don’t regret the past, just learn from it.

    I am gonna try this no arousal method.
    It seems easy, Its like when u get a boner just try to set it off by thinking something else etc right?
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    Re: NoA (No Arousal - celibacy of body AND MIND for 3+ months)

    Is this stuff proven? And if yes what's the minimum no PMO we need to be cured?
  15. 40New30

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    Any updates from anyone who's done NOA for a long time? Personally, I found it very beneficial and I'm going to give it a try again.
  16. SailOn

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    Still doing my form of NoA. Strict no objectification, especially 2d. Strict no fantasies, even pg ones. Don't mess around w/ borderline stuff. No facebook Instagram etc. It's worked for a year+ so I just keep doing it.
  17. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Thanks SailOn. Today was my first day back trying NoA and I failed miserably to control my eyes, I'll keep working at it. I'm a big believer in zero 2D stimulation too and no fantasy, it's the only way to get into a deep enough flatline for me.
  18. The idea that just because someone was addicted to porn in the past can never fantasize or masturbate again and that only contact with 'real' women is 'good' is utter nonsense. It's a very extreme view and as long as this view is being preached the anti-porn movement will never achieve credibility.
  19. Best way to overcome porn addiction/problem caused by it is by taking a balanced view. Extreme rigid thinking such as looking away when you see a girl or not watch TV anymore because of 'artificial erotic stimuli' is counterproductive
  20. SailOn

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    NoA for me is about starving the pornbrain. I don't know if anyone else can tell the difference between pornbrain and healthybrain. For me it is very clear when pornbrain starts to take over and whatever pornbrain wants is exactly what it's not getting. So if pornbrain wants you to be a creep and stare at that girl I say "fuck off pornbrain, you get no decisions." My pornbrain feeds off fantasy. My pornbrain begs for MO so it can sneak a fantasy in there.

    Also I have a strict no negative thoughts rule too. pbrain loves to escape negative thoughts.

    I don't care what it looks like to outsiders. I know how these things have changed my life and the lives of others. I read the pain and misery associated w/ trying a fantasy and MO reboot and that shit was not for me. I chose NoA and couldn't be happier w/ my choice.

    Think you're forgetting fantasy and masturbation are optional to life. They aren't that cool once you step away from them.

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