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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Gondapa, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Gondapa

    Gondapa Member

    Been feeling lethargic lately and my body is hurting especially my back and I feel a bit weak
    Must be withdrawal symptoms I guess :-\
  2. topkipper

    topkipper New Member

    Mate- do yourself a favour and quit the edging. You have too- it is 100% the route to relapse, every time.

    The more you get in the habit of it the worse it will get.

    Why not have a shower at 2am? Get up, watch a movie - do anything. Yeah you might be tired the next day but you NEED to get out of the edging habit and in the long run it is the better option.
  3. mrpresident

    mrpresident Member

    Before starting recovery, I used to edge a lot, even with flaccid penis, I now sometimes have both ED and PE with a girl.

    I think it actually hurts you more just watching porn and masturbating without orgasm again and again, because you keep the brain wired to the dopamine rush found in the virtual world.
    It's not the ejaculation that hurts, but the desire to seek release via a method that is not natural to your body. My opinion.
  4. Gondapa

    Gondapa Member

    Day 3 ;D
  5. Gondapa

    Gondapa Member

    How's everyone doing here?
    Any success stories? ;D
  6. shitcompton

    shitcompton New Member

    How have you been man?
  7. Gondapa

    Gondapa Member

    Not great porn wise but ok otherwise
  8. Reality

    Reality New Member


    I've read your threat and I just want to be honest here. It feels like you're just half assing your way through it. You relapse. You keep MOing, keep fantasizing about porn and that girl, still the nice guy for that girl. Look, I know it's difficult to quit but your way is not the way. That's my opinion, do with it what you want.

    i mean you came to this forum to get rid of your porn addiction and to become a man in control of his self.
    Read your own posts again..does it sound like you're doing that? You're still stuck in the same mindset bro. Get the fuck out of it!

    Most guys do a 90 day reboot for a reason. It takes time to heal your brain. It takes time to grow a new mindset and form new ideas. So give yourself that time. Don't be a pussy and just quit it all!

    Good luck bro
  9. Gondapa

    Gondapa Member

    Turned 30 yesterday ;D

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