The Naked Truth - 40's Edition

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by TrueSelf, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. Boxer17

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    Wow. What an accurate portrayal of an energetic search with meager results. A good description of many P sessions.
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    Hey TrueSelf. So glad you were able to step back from the brink even if you encounter the same battle later on. Since our society is dripping in sexuality we are accosted constantly and couple that with our normal and natural appetite for sex it is what we have to always be on guard for
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  3. TrueSelf

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    Day 7.
    I have completed the first week of the program. Day 7 is to include a review.
    Wins: I did not view porn or MO this week. I exercised Mon-Friday. I meditated (Calm App) each day. I successfully limited my phone use earlier in the week.
    Challenges: Work stress towards the end of week. Looked at a click bait article on Facebook and was exposed to some artsy nude pictures. Took me much longer than necessary to click away. Had an overnight away with the wife. At one point she offered to do some sexual stuff but the timing was not great (she had just started her period). I was conflicted as I was worried it would feel similar to MO. I felt very tired on Saturday and also today. I am off to read, journal, then bed soon.
    Lessons: Be more mindful of any links that I click on, ask myself why I am clicking on them and avoid "autopilot". Night journaling seems worthwhile and I would like to continue it. I do better when I limit social media. It is easy for me to turn to sugary food for a quick dopamine hit. Improving my diet would be helpful.
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    So true. And try to be honest with my answer:rolleyes:

    Yes. Sugary foods are definitely a pitfall
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    UGH... Another fall.
    Time to get back on the horse. I'll redo week one of the program I am working through.
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    Keep fighting!
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    I've read some some religious lectures and it suggests what you are doing, it's no just to stop doing something wrong, if we do it that way, then we are leaving gaps and the daemons will looks for those empty spaces and full them with temptation.
    So that is great, make an agenda and be disciplined following it, that will leave no room for temptation to attack.

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