The Naked Truth - 40's Edition

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by TrueSelf, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. TrueSelf

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    Multiple periods of pretty intense sadness today. I'm not sure what it is that brought it on. Just thought I should make note of it. Sometimes it seems to be part of the journey. What finally helped (briefly) was watching an episode of Seinfeld.
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    Man that's hard. Removing the PM crutch can bring on mood swings so maybe it's that. Strength and all the best @TrueSelf . Happy Festivus
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  3. TrueSelf

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    Thanks man. Today is better. I've been at home with my wife all day so I have not felt "alone". I do think that porn consumption does dull emotions. Take it away and both the good and the bad are felt more strongly.

    Edit: I remebered what I think part of the sadness was about. This happened last year as well. I think it had to do (at least in part) with being sad that another year was ending and my issues with PMO continue.
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  4. TrueSelf

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    I need to analyse this is greater detail in the future but I wanted to make note of a "victory" I had in this area today. I think one of the aspects that will help to gain freedom from porn is to be able to improve sexual communication with my wife. So today I requested (I'm not trying to get her to do anything she is not interested in doing) something sexual from my wife and we engaged in it. Success!
  5. TrueSelf

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    Breaking the Cycle
    I watched a movie with my wife the other day. There was a "triggering" moment when the female lead said to another character, in another language (so this was subtitled)
    "I'm a little slut"
    . I think I was triggered by this because I find it very appealing when women are "sexually confident". I thought I had gotten over the trigger but just this morning I had a thought that I should lookup on Reddit something related to the quoted line. Like do some women feel this way/like being treated this way. Of course this is a horrible idea to do and I will not make such a search. "Seeking behavior" is one of the initial steps that almost exclusively results in full blown relapse. I can break the cycle and not respond to "my history" with this sort of thing. I am hoping by writing about the experience it will help to dispel its impact on me.

    One other thing I wanted to mention. Yesterday I was at a store with my wife. I saw a woman with a guy walking towards my wife and I. The woman was somewhat attractive but not overly so. As we approached them I found myself feeling very self conscious and overly aware of the way I was walking. It was strange. I have had things like this happen to me in the past but it has been a long time. Anyways I thought I should make note of this odd event.
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  6. TrueSelf

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    Just a quick note as I need to get off line. One of my goals as I noted is to be more open with my wife in general but especially with sexual stuff. So this morning I mentioned two things I was thinking about. I think this was good. Unfortunately my mind started wandering too much. "Maybe if I tell her I would like to try... she would be open to it". This was not good. I was thinking too much about this stuff. I thought about going down bad paths with "researching" different people's opinions on stuff. This is never helpful and not relevant. Ultimately I was able to keep it only to thoughts and not actions which I may pleased with but it was unwise to temp myself in this way.
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  7. positivef

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    Sounds like things are going well. You are able to dodge triggers and are communicating with your wife.

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