The long and painful farewell

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    Day 6, stayed focused on a report most of the day, thanks to an abruptly scheduled meeting at night:rolleyes:. Glad my sanity didn't snap this time. Didn't even have time for dinner, let alone using P to avoid the pressing situation.
    The 100th post of this journal! Haven't MOed for three months now (though there were a few wet dreams). I'm still nowhere near cured. When dealing with P, one really doesn't need to finish the whole thing to have the damage done. A large part of sex happens in the brain, that's what makes this addiction really tricky. One thing I really appreciate after the three-month struggle is that my sleep has been much better. Haven't whined about insomina for quite a while. I'd still wake before dawn occasionally, but it doesn't bother me that much anymore.
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    Day 11, wow, it's been almost a week since my last post. Things keep popping up, and the new week would likely to be just as busy. Not many cravings to deal with. The monster is probably waiting for the leisure time to come (when I'd want to "reward" myself a bit). Hope I will stay on my guard by then.
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