The journey to becoming a real man

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by emmasland247, Sep 24, 2012.

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    My name is Emmanuel sunday,I'm 24, a .
    Nigerian,I'm happy to be a member here cos I've come to realise this site as the way to freedom from porn and masturbation of which I was a slave.I started watching porn at 13 while in junior high school,since then till today my life been that of shame,I masturbate everywhere and evrytym as long as I get a little academics suffered. Cause I couldn't read my books again my whole brain was covered with porn pics and vids, after school it became worse, my health worsened still yet I didn't know I was in trouble till I tried having sex few days to my 23birthday, I couldn't, the lady was naked but my dick embarrased me....I tried but she just got up and left...(Wonder what she must have told her friends) since then I knew I was in trouble, I searched for solutions online all to no avail till I found this site.....I'm less than a day here but I know that on the 24th of december I will be in the HALL OF FAME........pls I need your encourage cause I want to be a real man and satisfy my wife when I get married.....tanks
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    Hey buddy! Yeh sounds like my story!

    I'm on day 18 and loving the progress so far, the early days were abit hard but you kinda have to get into the habbit of not pmo'ing. Other times I would try and quit but my mind wasn't fully committed and would relapse every other day because I thought something stupid like, "Oh i havn't PMO'd in 2 days that calls for a porn binge", or ," Just this once" etc.

    My best advice would be take it easy, the time will just fly once you relax into it.

    good luck!
  3. emmasland247

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    Thanks brodah......a word of encouragement is all I need to pull thru nd uve given me that......I wish u goodluck too....
  4. emmasland247

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    Woke up today by my new dawn,,picked my laptop but this time around for a different reason.....I had some jobs I brought back from the office so I used the next one hour to tidy it up.....4am I returned to bed,,wow dat was great no pmo...dat used to be my morning ritual but now it didn't even cross my journey has truly began.....
  5. emmasland247

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    Looking forward to a fulfilled second day withou P and PMO
  6. emmasland247

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    Reboothing in P, no MO thank God

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