The Health Benefits of Nature

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    Nature therapy is certainly a real thing. Many scientific findings show how our mind and body benefits from being in contact with it. Heck there are even studies showing there are tangible benefits of watching nature videos.

    So some of the major benefits include reducing and possibly eliminating anxiety and depression. Also nature exposure is a total add/adhd killer.

    I think viewing porn has the complete opposite effects lol. That is about as far removed from living naturally as man can get. Well maybe once android sexbots take over the industry.....getting offtopic sorry.

    Ok I mean I am trying to expose myself to nature almost daily right now. I developed a nature addiction. Should I call an addiction specialist? Lame joke sorry.

    Does anyone else like nature? How so? How do you make time to enjoy it?

    I just went for a trail run today in a state park. Went kayaking in another state park last week. I also started getting into 4K nature video meditations, just like a visual meditation where I sit in a meditation posture and follow my breathing watching nature's majesty from a drone's eye view.

    I'm sure I have more to discuss later. Feel free to discuss anything related to nature's benefits, doesn't have to be related to nature therapy in particular, lol nature is therapy already without slapping therapy after it.

    I'd post studies but you can easily find tons if you look. Studies just show that we never should have removed ourselves so far from nature as to be jerking ourselves off in front of screens.

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