The first place you should start: Testosterone

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    I support no PMO all the way, I went about 7 months in 2015 before I gave up, and I've been clean of PMO for 6 months as of now.

    With that said, I've had some degree of ED since 18, and I'm 27 now. I got out of a long term relationship a couple of years ago, and decided to talk to my doctor about my ED. Low and behold my Testosterone levels were low, 280ng/dL. My endocrine system has been thrown out of wack due to a pituitary tumor. Testosterone replacement therapy has not yet solved my problems, but everyone is different.

    Some of you guys need to be more proactive in solving your ED. We should not have to live with this. Go to your doctor, get your testosterone and thyroid levels checked, get copies of your blood work and study. Do not take their word that everything is normal. Most doctors don't know much about hormones, and what they've been taught is outdated and wrong. Hypogonadism is real, and increasingly common among young men.

    If your levels are low, there are forums such as excelmale where guys are pushing the science behind testosterone replacement therapy forward. Get on there and learn.
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    Did the doc's give you a prescription for extra T
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    How much did a TRT costed? Is it a lifelong thing?

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