the dopamine receptors degeneration also existant with video games?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Franken Penis, Jul 4, 2012.

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    I read some time ago that it has been researched (MS was involved) what makes videogames addictive - but to make them more addictive (either they did not deny it or there was other proof, I don't remember). This is why games like Diablo and others work so well: most of the content is generated randomly so you find new things and you are always rewarded with new items and stuff, to keep you going.
    Gamerscores, game achievements or how you call them on Steam, Live, PSN work the same way. They even combine it with Facebook, which can be very addictive itself.

    There also seem to be genetic causes (for internet addiction; I guess you could count internet games though):

    Luckily I am not game addicted, though I like games:
    I can see that I play less with increasing age. As a teenager I played most time of the day. Today I don't like most of the current games, already know my beloved old ones (and also know that I would have to read million lines of text if I'd really play my RPGs again) and want to relax in other ways. I see no point in achievement hunting, social networked gaming, internet gaming with strangers or even (private) LAN parties.
    Gaming has no purpose except "wasting" time. So mostly I play something like a quick computer card game and then do other stuff again. If I really want to play I mostly play about 1h tops (1-2x a week), I am tired after that and stop it. I seldomly play for several hours and almost never play into the night because the next day is wasted from the beginning, like from a hangover.
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    Lol at the name "Art Vandelay". Awesome.
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    You've summed up my person, Sheldon.

    Edit: Well, in my defense I have also learned a lot from the internet. But aside from that I'm basically not just a fapstonaut, I'm an ASTRonaut coming back to Earth...quitting porn, video games, and internet addiction. A cycle I never believed it was possible for me to escape until just a few weeks ago.
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    It's the reverse: the brain doesn't see the difference between reality, pictures or fantasies or even dreams (that's why horror movies and dramas work). They all appear the same as truthful as reality is to the brain. But the problem remains the same, though. You get trained to the fantasy not because brain accustom to it, but because it's more predictable, controllable and more vivid and intense in terms of pleasures. Given that your brain cannot distinct the reality from fantasy, it tend to stick to the easier and rewarding activities: porn, games, drugs and so on.
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    I suppose it depends on what type of games you play.

    I personally love RPG's, especially long and involved ones. They don't have nearly the same kind of instant reward and ADD mentality of porn. In a lot of ways an RPG is like reading a long book. You are not constantly looking for another game, or playing 4 games at once, you are sucked into a world and spend a long time there. If the game is good, you are fully present in that universe.

    Now whether or not these games are "bad" for you in other ways, that's a different argument. But I definitely don't think they cause the kind of brain degeneration that porn does.

    Honestly the most dangerous games to our mind are probably all the phone apps we have now. Those games are all about instant gratification and playing as many different games as possible.
  6. InsideOut

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    The point. If you overdo that, there comes the problem. When you jumo into the game with intention not to entertain yourself, but to replace your reality, you got hooked. It's a thin difference and noticing it requires a honesty with yourself and introspection skills.

    The brain doesn't care if it colored balls or number in character stats or shaders-covered orcs. Anything could be harmful if used in excess. There're so many examples of obsessive-compulsive behavior so it can be said that almost every activity may become an addiction if exaggerated to an extreme. I'm not blaming games, but not sacredly advocating them either. There's difference between occasion when you come into Minecraft to embody your architectural ideas and when you simply have nothing to do with yourself and try to live in different world instead.
  7. JDxD

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    I definitely think there would be dopamine receptor degeneration in your brain if you play a lot of video games. But it's not half as bad as porn. I say that from experience because if I just play lots of video games and don't watch any porn I can still relatively enjoy life and I'm semi-motivated to socialise etc.
    Doing both = anti-social/depressed for me.

    But for me, I've found playing video games for 2-3 hours a day with no porn usage present is fine from a brain perspective ie. I still enjoy the little things mostly.
    However, it's still not the best use of time because I could be improving other more useful skills, exercising, cleaning my room, housework etc.

    It also depends on the video games you play. Some RPGs are decent, and have long-term goals and are satisfying to play and don't leave me with a I-just-wasted-your-life feeling. Whereas some quick games which have no real end, and give gratification constantly are simply addicting and time wasters.

    Do what you think is wisest for you.
  8. thirst

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    Funnily enough. My little cycle would go:

    Feeling lonely
    Late night
    Video games

    By break the cycle of being lonely(not going out), staying up late and playing video games there are now so many less ways for me to hitch myself back into porn. Perhaps there is a cycle in there for us all, the little stepping stones before going to our favourite porn sites.

    Computer games were one of them for me. Thats why I've tried to remove them entirely from my life. I should say, I am TRYING.
  9. Chezdon

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    Video games are a tricky one. Porn is a completely different kettle of fish. I can see the harm in that.

    I think like anything, video games should be played in moderation. I don't think there is harm in that. Playing CoD for 2 hours a night shouldn't be a problem.

    Yeah there are more productive things you could be doing, but if you're content with your job, social life, health etc then why not kick back and relax playing a video game?

    Some of my fondest memories are from video games (that sounds a lot sadder than it is). Games like Diablo, WoW, AoE2 etc. Completely immersed myself in them but not to the stage of neglecting real life.

    I haven't played a video game for over a year now due to travelling, but I would still play them given the chance.
  10. monte_cristo

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    Sounds familiar to me:

    "Yeah there are more productive things you could be doing, but if you're content with your job, social life, health etc then why not kick back and relax watching porn?"

    I don't think games are the devil but they're something that I personally can NOT afford to have around anymore. Also, if you haven't played a video game in over a year, you're really not in the target audience of this thread.
  11. InsideOut

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    "Yeah there are more productive things you could be doing, but if you're content with your job, social life, health etc then why not kick back and relax sleeping"
    "Yeah there are more productive things you could be doing, but if you're content with your job, social life, health etc then why not kick back and relax eating a good meal"
    "Yeah there are more productive things you could be doing, but if you're content with your job, social life, health etc then why not kick back and relax reading a book"
  12. monte_cristo

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    And if playing WoW or Modern Warfare or FarmVille really is exactly the same for you as it is reading a good book, then it's all gravy.

    For me, it would be better to do just about anything else. There's no upside, just a temptation to binge on something meaningless that I even have to hide from other people.
  13. BreakingIntoReality

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    The problem for me is, I can't always just read books all day long on an off day. I only have so much concentration for the task of reading. If I'm tired, mentally or physically, I can't read very well. So I need some other activity I can do while I'm in a fatigued state. A relaxation activity that isn't mentally taxing, or addicting, yet still occupies time without abject boredom. A lot of video games fit most of this bill. But I consider myself an addict and not able to continue with them, so there's a hole left where videogames once were. What else is there to do?
  14. monte_cristo

    monte_cristo Guest

    I don't really have any other hobbies I enjoy either. My job has me working on a computer 10+ hours a day, AND I get addicted to video games really quickly, so it's just better for me to think that video games aren't an option.

    I think the only thing that would fill the void for me is doing more with people. But you need to have people you can just "hang out" with, with no appointment or formal occasion. Which gets increasingly rare when you get older.

    Girls are texting ALL the goddamn time and I don't know WTF they're talking about. They have to be talking to at least a few guys.

    Some of the little "social" games are probably good. Words With Friends and that kind of thing, if you have RL friends to play with. They're fun for a little while, I can play it on my own time, and I get bored quickly so I don't have a problem. Not the FarmVille-style games where you have do more and more and more to keep up.
  15. I used to be like you guys, couldn't focus on reading for shit. I was really in to meditation for a while there, which really helped my focus.

    But just doing it helps too. If you actually want to read more often, it can be extremely relaxing. I've started to read before bed to help me sleep, and I think it helps me sleep better. And now I can sit down with a book and stay interested in it until... well, I fall asleep, or I need to go do something.

    There are a million hobbies out there, I won't even start to name them. But if you're looking for something that doesn't involve some level of mental or physical activity/effort, then you'll end up with, well, video games, TV, and movies.

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