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    Dear YBR,

    Disclaimer: A warning to those of you watching ordinary porn and are addicts. My recommendation is DO NOT watch/get into femdom porn it made my reboot much harder. 2) For those who watch or are interested in femdom porn DO NOT ever ever start tempting yourself into findom porn/scenarios - it makes my reboot almost impossible.


    I come to this forum in a place of anger, both at myself and the stupid, disgusting, addictive fetish I am ensnared by.
    As an even more mind warping extension, to the very addictive "femdom" category of online porn, despite not spending a ton of money compared to some other guys, I have found it hard-impossible to break the cycle thus far.

    So I am here in this forum, ready to make some changes and screw this piece of shit addiction once and for all. Laying in my bed on a beautiful sunny Sunday, curtains shut... in the bubble of my evil addiction. This is not happening anymore. Life is happening outside and I'm missing it.

    So yeah I've got some anxiety and depressed in real life, but I'm opting to deal with these by engaging with my addiction, not living life with its ups and downs.

    Time to get up, stand up, and start living making that positive change to myself and others.

    The Destroyer
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    I am well familiar with your particular fetish and addiction as it has been mine for many years. I hear the anger and disgust in your post. That is familiar to me as well. I have learned that self loathing and shame (the two things skilled findoms are determined we feel) are the things that perpetuate our addiction. Beating the shit out of yourself doesn't work. It's a vicious cycle. Cut yourself a break. The addict is only one part of you; it's not your absolute definition. Learn from your mistakes and formulate a trigger response plan, because the triggers aren't going away. Also develop a relapse plan so you don't get trapped in the addictive cycle again ie - beating the shit out of yourself because you fucked up. At the risk of sounding airy-fairy: be compassionate. Easy to say, but anything practiced becomes habit.
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    There's a thread in my profile for getting rid of findom addiction.

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