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    I am having more luck this week in being and keeping calm and sitting with difficult emotions that would otherwise make me act out. On Sunday I was alone the whole afternoon; this is usually prime time to go do something i.e. easy sex in town.

    I struggled and sat and agonized and tried to work but didn't get any work done; I did not act out but I got in a really really foul mood and eventually I had several glasses of wine. But I was happy that I didn't act out. I rode through the shit without totally allowing my actions to go into automatic pilot.

    Every day I am reading in Buddhism and dong half an hour of meditation. Every day it is different.
    I am coming more to realize that my frustration and suffering is really just duhkha and the mind doing its thing.

    Duhkha is the pain and suffering of being a living being. It is the constant dissatisfaction and craving that I feel because I always want something.
    I want to seep myself in pleasure or run from pain. I am sad or angry or flustered or anxious. All the time.
    The way I am wired makes me super aware of my feelings and sometimes the way I feel is insufferable.
    So of course I act out. I am trying to get away from myself and my own pain.

    But there's nothing wrong with me and there's nothing wrong with the world.
    I guess I am coming into my own awareness all the time, more and more, there's nothing to run away from, there's nowhere to go.
    This morning I was just enjoying meditating, being with my thoughts.

    I find it really reassuring that there is a path, that you can get on it, that there is a way!
    And I fully understand that nothing happens by us wanting it to happen. It happens when you surrender. When you are literally so fed up, that you give up wanting, and you give up waiting for anything, because you know that it's never going to fucking happen anyway.

    And then I guess you are home.

    I am curious how you others are also getting along, and what your experience is of the pervasive suffering or duhkha that Buddhism tells us about.
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    Dukkha is inevitable part of our lives. I'm discovering more and more that it is all a question of mindset and acceptance. Through Dhyana or Zen, we can explore the areas of our lives that produce duhka, break down our perceptions and understand the source of it. Eventually we will all find out that it is empty and illusionary.
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    This week my zendo is having what they call a period of Ango. This is a time of meditation and meditative work in order to understand how to stay in samadhi throughout the day. Ango will go on for five days; unfortunately I can only go to the last two days, on Saturday and Sunday.

    On these two days, we will also have teisho, a presentation by the Zen teacher, about the Diamond Sutra or the Varja Prajna Paramita Sutra. As preparation, I have read through the English verision of it and have begun to read a commentary on the sutra.

    I think some of the last few lines of it express well what we all need to discover for ourselves.

    "All conditioned things
    Are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, shadows;
    Like dew and also like lightning.
    Thus should they be contemplated."​

    Here is a copy of the commentary that I am reading through, in case anyone's interested: The Diamond Sutra - A General Explanation of the Varja Prajna Paramita Sutra by Dhyana Master Hsüan Hua.

    As I have just begun to explore Buddhism, I still have some difficulty with some of the terminology. As an aid, I have found this glossary, which has good explanations and examplary phrases. Here is a link to the pdf file: The Seeker's Glossary of Buddhism by the Sutra Translation Committee of USA/Canada.
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    Hi there - I would like to join this group. I have been meditating off and on for over 10 years, attended a 10 day Zen retreat when I first started, have sporadically attended local Buddhist meditation groups. Please let me know if there's anything I need to do to join andcwhatvthe parameters are. Do you still need to post once a week? Etc. thanks!
  5. LOGOS

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    Hello Pfree4good, welcome to the group. You don't need to do anything to join other than post here as you have done. This group is not terribly active, but I encourage you to post any dharma-related resources or insights. I think that over time we have build up a nice collection of reflections that can help anyone who passes through to connect their recovery with their dharma practice, whatever shape that takes for him.

    Peace, and be well,

    Blue Sky Mind
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    Hi folks.

    Finished my first 10 day retreat last week. What an experience... I'd recommend it to anyone on here. Prepare yourself both physically and mentally first though. Practice the posture in the weeks leading up to it. I didn't, and suffered from physical pains during it as a result. Delighted to have got through it though. I'm looking forward to my next sit.

    Just wondering if anyone knows if goenka's audio from the ten day course is online somewhere? If you don't want to post the link, please feel free to PM me. Any pointers here would be much appreciated. There was only so much I could take in during the course. I've found out my mind wanders quite a lot! I really want to give this another go, on my own - if I could.

    Peace, love and happiness to everyone.

    Bleak no more :)
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    Howdy. Thought I'd sign on to this group. I think the sub-forum at YBR for "groups" is new since last time I looked through the whole hierarchy. Anyway, I'm a kind-of practitioner of meditation, have thought about going on a retreat in the Vipassana style a few times, but haven't taken that kind of plunge ever. I have rebooted from adult services (prostitution, strip clubs, anything else like that) successfully for a little over 670 days just now, and intend for that change to be "forever." My journal about it is linked in my signature. Hello to all.
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    I'm curious if anyone is interested in reviving this thread? I've been away for a while but am on a reboot since the new year. A good friend of mine forwarded an interesting video to me which was about the spiritual aspects of porn addiction.

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    Just wanted to share an interesting experience with this group. In early Jan, I went for a 10 Days Vippassana Meditation course. I've been attending them and meditating off and on for about 10 years now. It was interesting that at the end of the course when we are allowed to break the Noble Silence, quite a few guys opened up about dealing with PMO issues and trying VM to help them quit.
    Any other Vipassana meditators here who can share their experience with PMO and VM?
    I'm really curious about your results.
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    Hi - uhm, don't know what to say. I'm trying to stay pmo-sober since 2010. Following a buddhist guide since 2009. Hey everyone.
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    Absurd. Buddhas have transcended the flesh. Monks uphold strict celibacy. There is no such thing as a Thus Come One engaging in fleshly contact. They relinquish that aspect of life before leaving the home life, not to speak of uprooting every last trace of sexual desire before becoming enlightened.

    Such talk is that of demons.
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    Well hi yall I hate to start my journey here reprimanding someone but if need be I'll keep swinging the thunder hammer of vajra truth if I see anymore nonsensical remarks like what I quoted above.
  13. sower

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    Worthy readings indeed.
  14. sower

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    I started listening to a Theravadan monk's talks on YouTube, one saved me from an urge storm. It really was very soothing but more importantly he has genuine insight that nourishes the mind.

    I'll share some of his talks in time along with other Dharma lectures of monks I follow on YouTube that speak directly to our common struggle here with sensual indulgence.

    Here is a SoundCloud meditation I am going to utilize the next time I face a struggle to act out,
    Listen to Guided Asubha Meditation: The 32 Parts and the 9 Corpses by Bhikkhu Samahita

    I've been reluctant to try disgust meditation, Asuba Bhavana, due to being a Mahayana Buddhist and thinking it was a strictly Theravadan practice but when the Buddha was in the world the teachings were not divided lol, I think I need to start using this practice when it urges come from now on. I will also keep chanting mantras when faced with temptation as I've been instructed.
  15. sower

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    Cheers to you for starting this group my good sir. It does appear it's been a couple years since you were last seen but the spirit of your thread will be rekindled. It looks as if the fire never went out since you started it and please don't mind if I turn it into a raging bonfire.

    My background is unimportant. I rather keep focused on the present.

    I am sitting on my zabuton in full lotus and am about to watch this video on the tablet propped up on a chair in front of me:


    I have allowed deviant forms online and also blameless female forms viewed pixelated to control my mind and loins for long enough. I understand tests will come my way as I am determined to cut this misconduct out of my life. I only hope I can remain aware enough and stay vigorous in my practice to be able to handle them without failing.

    I will check-in here from time to time when I sense something valuable to share, or perhaps to read other posts but this group no longer seems tremendously active.
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    I do have ideas on connecting outside of this forum as this section seems to be aiming for, at least in the description.

    They are naturally anonymous methods, in that if you choose to join a Buddhist group on say Facebook you certainly don't have to share your identity with anyone here.

    I also think discussing temples and monasteries is a good idea. As Buddhists joining a sangha is highly encouraged and naturally will aid our rebooting right away without us even directly seeking guidance from say a trustworthy elder or Dharma Master if one cannot break the cycle of PMO on their own. Keeping secrets is never advised.

    I will read through this thread in entirety one day soon. Maybe starting a Telegram or Skype thing is also an option if people want to actually connect directly.
  17. sower

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    The fire is just being kindled :p:D

    OK let me get my Theravada resource recommendations in here for anyone thirsty for the nectar of Dhamma who may stumble into this group after some painful relapsing. Or hopefully before the pain reaches stages of serious inner damage.

    Free books and talks available here (if you live in England and are interested in Theravada teachings this is the monastery that catches my attention the most in the UK):

    And one more indispensable Theravadan YouTube recommendation, Ajahn Chah's lineage:

    Vajrayana and Mahayana up next. The Three Vehicles can practiced as one. Or a single school of one vehicle can be selected. All roads lead to the same goal, or so the saying goes?
  18. sower

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    Ok actually I want to share just a couple more Theravada resources and then I am sleeping on posting in this thread for at least a month or more.

    I do not need to discuss anything personally to aid my own recovery in this group as I connect with monks online which carries me through until I can join a sangha again offline.

    I am here to show support and offer the resources that I have come across in my own path that keep me on the path.

    I will be back in maybe a month to drop the Vajrayana and Mahayana resources and ideas of connecting offline with other Buddhist centers.

    Peace and wellness to all living beings my dear Dharma friends!

    Ajahn Brahm Fan Club,
    Public Group (lots of free resources)


    One more thing. About my criticism of a post above. I rather not discuss it anymore than I already have but I want to say that one can still be attached to having a sexual partner in a committed relationship and make progress on the Path, however to reach any attainment from the first fruit of arhatship and up entails saying bye-bye to all attachments not to speak of sensuality. For someone to claim that is not worthy of fighting over, but I certainly have books and videos to post if I see anything close to that discussion in here again. Like me or hate me but I'm a stickler when it comes to Proper Dharma.
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    (Lol I swear no more posts from me in here for at least a month)

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    I am starting a Telegram group. If you want a communication channel that supports our progress here well I want to start a big group. I am going to try to recruit on NoFap as well. The Telegram channel is called The Buddhadharma Reboot. I need to get someone's username to form a group it looks like. PM to share your username or just share it here.

    Mine is AdmiralSower.

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