The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [OPEN GROUP]

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by LOGOS, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    Thank you very much, sir.
    I will include these books in my next Amazon order.

    Meditation helped me to reach the longest streak of no-orgasm days ever (36 so far).
    I have also become much calmer and aware of the present moment.
    I used to live in the past and in the future, neglecting the now.
    I have read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, which sparked my interest in mindfulness and meditation (although the book is not oriented toward a specific religion or system itself).
    I am definitely willing to learn more about Buddhism, so yes - I would like to be a member of the group, please.
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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    definitely in! would love to have some of you all become regulars on the phone conference too - we can even start including some meditation!
  3. LOGOS

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    Well, guys, right now we have 3 "in." I could PM each of the other guys who have expressed some interest, and maybe I'll do that. But the Dharma doesn't recruit --- people really need to be "feeling it" to get on the Path. So I'm hesitant.

    I'll also be up front and say that I'm a little cool to this forum myself. Mostly we're posting to say "I'm in" or "I'm interested" or to make recommendations about other topics, but not sharing insight from or about the Dharma. I sense that the potential distinctiveness of the forum is not being realized. Possibly this leaves people to start ignoring this thread when it shows up in their "Unread Replies" list. I don't know.

    So, please bring something to the forum when you post. An experience you recently had with meditation (or a problem you've been having in your practice), a line from a dharma book that stayed with you recently, and so on. I really appreciate what people have brought forward up till now.

    OK, with that "push" out there, my turn to make it real ----

    I've been through a real rough patch now since, oh, mid-June. I'm realizing that's 3 months of rough patch, and therefore might count more as a "rough field" than a "rough patch." I'm feeling at the moment like my gains from 233 days of sobriety before that are wiped out.

    But wait...there's that peculiar notion. "Gains." Not a useful notion, really. In fact that notion might be part of what slipped me back into "being hooked" by the feelings and the escape. The idea that I had gained something, or was gaining something. Like better boners, for example. Or a high number in my counter. A Buddhist perspective on emptiness pulls me back from that thinking --- there is no gain. There's no attaining. There's just Right Now, being alive to what's here Right Now.

    I'm reading Pema Chodron's Taking the Leap the last few days. This passage particularly spoke to me:

    "Buddhism encourages us never to reject what's problematic but to become very familiar with it.... We are urged to acknowledge our shenpa (attachment, or "being hooked"), see it clearly, experience it fully---without acting out or repressing" (26).
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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    BSM, you can count me in. It'll be interesting having an "on-line sangha".

    As a part of my RN proactive action plan, I have added reading a passage out of "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" by Shunryu Suzuki every day.

    When I sit at home, I've also tried using mantras before beginning my mediation to focus on different parts of the body that have been obsessions of mine. In other words, break it down, analyze it and finally demystify it. However, I need to practise this more, though, before I can really say if it has helped me or not.
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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    "A jug is filled drop by drop." - Buddha

    That line really hit home for me because with porn addiction it's a battle each day. Each day we should remember we are putting a drop in the bucket to fill it towards completion of abstaining from PMO. Recently I've been looking at dating sites and have edged ever so slightly, but that's still edging and novelty seeking - basically PMO-lite. This quote from Buddha will now be with me every day. "A jug is filled drop by drop." Each day living pure will give us a healthier mind, body, and spirit as well.

    Anyways, I'm a part of the group 'The Night's Watch - Castle Black.' I thought I would stop in here because I am becoming interested in meditation and parts of Buddhism.
  6. Szabo

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]


    What a fantastic idea! I'm 21 years old and have struggled with PMO addiction since I was 15, although never realised that that was the problem until I came across YBOP just over a month ago. I'm finding quitting the porn quite easy so far but have still been MO'ing fairly regualrly. I find it so hard not to. However, I am making some progress, and am seeing life in a slightly more positive light and have been meditating every day since I realised.

    I've been interested in Buddhism for a long time now, probably since I was about 16-17 and it really provides inspiration for me reducing my guilt and understanding that I am just a human, and I must try to let go of suffering through meditation. Knowing what's counterproductive and what isn't has really helped, even if I am often very up and down.

    All the best
  7. LOGOS

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    "The humbling truth is that you cannot master the conditions of your life, you can only practice with them." -Ryushin Paul Haller
  8. Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    At this point i really wish I was back in the US again, I'm a native of the UK but otherwise I'd have loved to have learnt the Buddhist way of destroying this disease because its always wise to have alternatives to fall back on when falling on hard times. I wish you guys the best, hopefully together you all prosper. I've got to be honest though completing 233 days, i cannot say how crazy that is, you fully smashed it. If you can do that, I know you can go on without it forever.

    Best of luck guys :)
  9. LOGOS

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    Forever Optimistic, you certainly do not need to be in the US to take steps on the Buddha Way; you're welcome to participate here (although this group is largely inactive), and you can also probably find a sangha near where you live.

    And for everyone, in terms of sharing the Dharma, today I enjoyed this rendering of the Four Noble Truths by Charlotte Joko Beck:

    Caught in a self-centered dream — only suffering.
    Holding to self-centered thoughts — exactly the dream.
    Each moment, life as it is — the only teacher
    Being just this moment — Compassion’s Way.
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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    In "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" by Shunryu Suzuki, there is a good quote:

    "When you do something, you should burn yourself completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself."

    Suzuki explains that when a good bonfire has burnt out completely, like when you do an activity or mediate, there is nothing but ash remaining. He also explains in order to leave no trace of yourself in your activity, you should concentrate solely on that activity. Otherwise, you leave a shadow or trace on what you've done. This concept is not easy to follow, but it has helped me to focus my mind when I sit.
  11. LOGOS

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    Guide to Meditation

    Someone posted, elsewhere on the site, a straightforward guide to meditation. It appears to come out of the Theravada tradition. I have skimmed parts of it, and it looks very thoughtful, approachable, and all-around useful....

    Bowing deeply,
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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    I need some medication tips........ how to relax and when urge comes to control my mind ....
  13. LOGOS

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    Can't help you with medication, but you can check out the resource I linked to right in the post above yours to learn about meditation. There are also Zen meditation instructions here:

    Good luck,

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    May I join? :)
  15. Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    Hey everyone, I would like to join!
    I used to meditate several years ago but recently took it up again to treat my addiction as well as my OCD/ADHD.
    I will take the time to introduce myself later this week.
  16. LOGOS

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    Hello ericmanclan and MOM:

    Welcome to the group. We haven't been very active here, but perhaps you can help change that. Please take a few minutes (as you may have already suggested you will) to tell us a little about your relation to meditation, Buddhism, and/or the dharma.

    The baseline for group participation is to share something weekly about how your reboot/rebalance/recovery and your meditation practice or dharma study have come together ... for the benefit of inspiring others.

    Nice to have you on board.

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    Hello again, I once stepped foot in this thread under a different username several months ago. But here I am in a new incarnation so to speak.

    This group does not seem active at all, but just wanted to say hi from a fellow Buddhist, of the Mahayana and Pure Land traditions.
  18. LOGOS

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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    Hello TCB

    Unfortunately this group is basically defunct. However, you can use it, by scrolling back through the posts, to find other rebooters who are on the Buddha path, and connect to their journeys via their journals. I would encourage you to integrate your thoughts about the Dharma and taichi into your journal, since our recovery from PMO demands that we integrate spirituality into our sexual behaviors.

    Bowing deeply,
  19. Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    Can we please archive this group?

    If there's a need for it, then we'll start a new one.

    The "basically defunct" means that it seems to block anyone from actually participating in a similar group, so in a fashion it serves to block any active group discussion around dharmic areas.

    So... BSM if you could figure out a way to archive this, put "ARCHIVE" in the title, or otherwise do so.

    Once that's done, those of us interested can start a new active group.

    3 million bows.
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    Re: The Buddha-Dharma Reboot [GROUP]

    I'd be keen to join or start a new group. Let me know what the result is. :)


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