The Beginning Of The Curse's End

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by MindPoison, Jan 30, 2021.

  1. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 38:

    Didn't sleep so good. The rest of the day after work was busy, and the cravings weren't there.
    Besides that, I was once more comparing the symptoms of Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome to those of the infamous flatline we porn addicts experience. It seems like too much of a coincidence that the symptoms of both are the same; insomnia, inability to think clearly, lack of libido, limited ability to focus, thought fog, depression, low energy. Porn addicts develop the same changes in the reward center of the brain as drug addicts according to one article I saw.... Well, with time I'll see what's what the longer I go without having orgasms.
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  2. MindPoison

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    DAY 39:

    Slept alright, but oh man, what a morning. My penis was pretty sensitive to just touch alone. I was rock hard, but it was short-lived. What a shame, but at least this abstinence is showing some progress.
  3. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 40:

    Had a wet dream last night, but since that orgasm wasn't voluntary I'm not going to reset my day count. The rest of the day was alright. Minor cravings that were easily ignored.
  4. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 41:

    Pretty easy day today. Cravings were barely there. Not much to say, really. Hopefully it'll continue to be smooth sailing from here on out.
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  5. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 42:

    Minor cravings in the morning, but the rest of the day was easy.
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  6. NewStart19

    NewStart19 Well-Known Member


    Fantastic progress. Looking forward to reading about the continuance of your successful journey.

    Take care
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  7. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    Thanks man! Just a couple of weeks left before reaching the 60 day milestone. Back when this site was still booming making it 90 days was always the most popular goal to attain. I can only imagine how weak the cravings will be by then.
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  8. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 43:

    Cravings were non-existent, absolutely no sexual thoughts or urges. Feels really weird being like this and it sucks, but it's still better than suffering withdrawal symptoms after an orgasm like back at the start of the reboot.
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  9. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 44:

    Once again, no cravings. A pretty easy day, plus had a good night's sleep.
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  10. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 45:

    Slept pretty good, and cravings weren't there. Seems the insomnia's finally starting to ease up a bit.
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  11. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 46:

    Slept alright, cravings were non-existent, and the rest of the day was overall good.
  12. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 47:

    Slept so so. Cravings for masturbation weren't there, and finished an art workshop also. Today was a great day since everything was in my favor also in terms of life related stuff.
  13. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 48:

    Slept alright. Had a small craving this morning, but nothing that bothered me for long. That's all.
  14. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 49:

    Zero cravings today, and rest of the day flowed good.
  15. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 50:

    No cravings today. Penis sometimes feels a bit sensitive to touch, but most of the time it's numb. Last 10 days before the 60 day milestone, finally.
  16. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 51:

    Zero cravings today, not much else to say. This addiction is almost gone at this point, just the flatline is the only real problem still.
  17. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 52:

    No cravings. One positive thing that seems to be coming from this long abstinence I've been doing is that I'm finding it easier to flirt with women now. I don't worry so much about getting weird looks from them anymore when I do flirt with them. This is actually kind of cool.
  18. JohannesParvus

    JohannesParvus New Member

    Wow this sounds really great MindPoison! Well done.
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  19. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    Thanks man! Years ago guys on these forums used to go on about how you get superpowers the more you abstained from porn, not sure if they were joking or what xD but I get what they meant.
  20. MindPoison

    MindPoison Member

    DAY 53:

    Another smooth day gone by. Originally I was planning on continuing masturbating once in a while once I got my libido back (without porn of course), but now I'm wondering if it's even worth continuing at all once it's back, especially with how energetic and confident I feel now. Geez, it's insane how this addiction kills your confidence.

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