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  1. hope2overcome

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    I notice a lot of confusion and fear in this forum.

    I found these two links to be of tremendous resource. It will answer all your questions and much much more.
  2. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Here I am relapsing like crazy trying to figure out what the heck is going on when Gary has already written an article about, literally everything there is to know about it.

    This article explains our true addiction.
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    Thanks h2o, article related to fantasies was great

    What is OCD? is it related to pmo? The author in the article was giving an example of someone using the stove and checking unnecessarily if it is closed. I have that habit after I saw it left open a few times in the past. Does that mean I have ocd? I worry a lot too.
  4. hope2overcome

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    People with OCD have the tendency to have impulses to be obsessive over something even if that thing is small such as checking to see if the stove is off or not. The intention of the author was to bring to light the fact that if the OCD diagnosed individual were to act on his impulses he will only strengthen those impulses and keep doing that over and over again as if under a loop. The individual may think if he checks to see if the stove is off more than once he will get satisfaction but in reality he is strengthening that loop and the impulses so he will keep checking the stove. And, hence the title of the article, "The more you scratch the more you itch". He also says "In other words, the more you do it, the more you want to do it; the less you do it, the less you want to do it."

    Solution to beat it- It's very simply
    According to the article OCD is defeatable the same way any other addiction and that is "Allow that brain loop to weaken from neglect". "Each time it pops into your mind, say to yourself playfully, "Reject!" Imagine a loud buzzer going off in your head, and visualize stamping a big red circle with a slash through it over your flashback image with a clang. Immediately turn your attention elsewhere."

    "As you stop stimulating those familiar brain pathways, the connections at the synapses of the related nerve cells actually weaken, and the fantasy loosens its death grip. Take care not to wrestle the fantasy, call it names, or label it (or yourself!) "sick" or "sinful." Don't try to analyze whether you're making progress. Such tactics increase anxiety. (If you establish a link between anxiety and arousal, you could find yourself wanting to orgasm whenever you're stressed.). At first this process is challenging, seems pointless, and increases frustration. Your brain wants its fix of exciting neurochemicals and withdrawal is uncomfortable. No matter how much inner turmoil you feel while applying the technique, it is what you do that counts. Your goal now is to gently disconnect all fantasy from your natural sexual arousal, and allow your brain to return to balance. It will take patience and consistency, but it can be done."

    it is what you do that counts..

    This article is literally the cure for this addiction. What lead me to relapses was doubt, and believe me man I was so depressed and so damn sad from the relapses. Now, I see what is truly happening, neuro-chemical hijacking of my reward center, and can easily stop myself from going into fantasy mode by simply saying, "I don't want this, my brain just wants the chemical". I have since applied it and I already see many benefits. I'm actually sitting in the library right now typing this and prior to reading your post, something strange was happening to my brain. I was feeling the feeling of love. It's a powerful feeling I lived for a long time without, i'm sure you can relate. And, now it's back.
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    Thanks a lot h2o ;D ;D

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