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  1. Hey guys. Some of you may know me, I am a medical doctor, used to post here for many years. I once rebooted successfully back in 2017, overcame PIED, then fell off the wagon, then rebooted again and defeated PIED in 2021. Have been clean since.

    I have been having successful sex with my girlfriend about 4 to 6 times per week since june. Seems like my PIED is somewhat cured again. Nevertheless, my erections quality was not the best. Definitely capable of having penetrative sex in almost every position, but sometimes I got soft, sometimes I was not that hard. I never felt like a beast.

    I had gotten over the Flatlines, and I really had made a wonderful progress, but something was missing. So I searched for more answers. Porn and masturbation was a huge problem, but not the only one. I searched a lot about diet, about vitamins and hormones, and tried to work out more and lose weight and tried to loosen my pelvic floor. One thing led to another, and somehow I started searching about penis enlargement exercises. There are a lot of guys who try to increase their penis's size through various exercises, many of which are scientifically backed. And I found a subreddit called "the angion methods".

    The angion methods are form of PE that utilizes blood flow in order to improve erections and penis size. It is like a penis workout. Lot's of guys there report improvement in their erectile quality, so I gave a shot. I can honestly say that my erections are much much better now. There are sometimes, when they seem like the ones I had in high school. I haven't experienced this erectile quality since lots of years. My penis is about 1 cm longer, now that my EQ is better, and I lost as well six kilos, which unburied about 0.5 cm. So my penis now, when I meet my girlfriend is harder and bigger, sometimes it is ridiculously intimidating. No joke.

    Angion methods really really helped me with my erections. Still have way to go and maybe find more answers, but I suggest everyone here visit the subreddit "the angion methods". It will be really helpful for some of you.
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    nowsthetime Do Your Best, Then Do it Again.

    Hello, i know this is an old post of yours but I recetnly came across that subreddit and I feel it has promise.

    Im curious….

    How long before you saw results?
    Are you still at it?
    Anything about diet you can add?

    Thank you.

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