The American Medical Association published this in 1913

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    What do they mean by ''cultivate the society of virtuous and intellectual females''?
    How do you do that?

    Hard to avoid solitude since I live kinda alone.
    I hope I can get through this because right now Im ****** in life, that book is right.
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    The idea that masturbation/ejaculation caused these weaknesses dates way, way back before the 19th century. One example is the spartan army who weren't allowed to even look at women, let alone masturbate and they were considered one of the most formidable armies of all time.

    The problem is how can one possible prove this? The only reason we know this to be true is because we have experienced this ourselves. In the scientific world the only thing that holds weight is solid evidence. According to this, semen is broken down and used to vitilate our brain and muscles, but through what apparatus could anyone measure this?
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    Evil is a subjective opinion, but no masturbation is not healthy.
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    The fact that sperm is reabsorbed by the body is not a point of contention. The issue is whether the effects of this are significant.

    I can't imagine why not masturbating would be unhealthy.
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    I think it's more related to the testosterone.
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    Masturbation frequency does not effect testosterone levels.
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    is this book not dissimiliar to what is claimed by ybop and other sexual fap porn related sites? how is this different?
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    Very dissimilar and I think you are purposefully missing the point.

    2 scenarios:
    Wanking without high speed internet porn: I stay 20 minutes longer in shower or restroom 3-5 times a week. No biggie private thing, I fantasize about the cashier lady I saw yesterday.


    I browse web with 30 tabs of porn videos, junping from on to another. For 6 hours straight. I see 60 videos of the (ever escalating) genre of my choice but with all the options I cannot find not one that is just right. I am in a weird mix of high arrousal and stress for the whole period. I would make it 9 hours if I didnt't get interrupted by family coming back home.

    Previous is pretty basic masturbation and not in anyway judged by ybop. Its being questioned in this. Thread by 100 year old purotan books. i naturally disagree with that.

    Latter is why we have a problem. Whether you or others who deny porn addiction accept it or not.
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    I was referring to what they call spermin. And perhaps, masturbation doesn't effect the level but definitely disturbs the testosterone job.
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    the book stated the frequent masturbation, Aka overmasturbation leads to weakness...etc

    over masurbation, can cause high stress, weak adrenals and messed thyroid, high inflammation...etc

    Dont mix between masturbation as a solo action done on every period, and overmasturbation that is done more frequent more >1
  12. Not only is the information shockingly accurate, it sounds very similar to what ancient Chinese Tao practitioners talked about thousands of years ago. It seems like the ancient world had lot of knowledge that is lost, and yet here we are thinking that we live in civilized and enlightened times.
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    I agree, after reading some books it appears to be true.

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