The "10 Days Without Internet" Challenge

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by TheUnderdog, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Connoisseur of Lotions

    Connoisseur of Lotions Proactive Rehabber

    This 2nd 10 day period was marginally better than the last.
    I'm going all out to the end of the month + 2.

  2. Universal

    Universal Guest

    Definitely in on this, probably my biggest addiction

    I will following the rules, however when I'm eating I'll allow myself to watch 50/50 informative/entertaining type youtube videos such as vsauce

    Will start again tomorrowv
  3. I´ve been cheating a little. One of the neighbours got open wireless and sometimes i just cant help myself. Craving...the...signal....
    But its not much, just a couple of times here and there. Gonna try not to as i dont really like surfing on others connections
  4. Connoisseur of Lotions

    Connoisseur of Lotions Proactive Rehabber

    3rd week failed! I am about to lose my goddammed mind!

    I'm going to try a technique from my religious days and imagine that an omnipotent Gary Wilson is watching over me, ready to condemn me to eternal hellfire if I have a relapse into Porn, MO, or Internet addiction.
  5. hogus

    hogus Active Member

    That's exactly what we need to convince all those moron sexologists that PIED exists: a Gary Wilson cult ;D
  6. The Evil Architect

    The Evil Architect All in all, you're just another brick in The Wall

    The visual of an omnipotent and condemning Gary Wilson always watching behind your back is more than just amusing.

    Maybe I'm just tired.
  7. I'm gonna try this again from tomorrow.
  8. I did this for 8 days and it wasn't that hard. What's really hard is finding other things to do and you'll notice how unproductive you've become.
  9. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    I am deffinetely going to try this. I am wasting so much time on youtube and YBR. Is it ok to make one post per day for my journal?
  10. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    This feels revolutionary. What do you think about checking social media once per week to stay "social". I have friends online I talk to periodically but social media is a big distraction. I sometimes use it for evangelization and get inspiration from pages I follow (when I have inspirational books I need to read). Does anyone have an internet or media schedule or is it all or nothing? Right now it's basically every day for me.

    I was afraid that if I stop checking facebook I'd "miss out" on everything that's happening. But I'm actually missing out on my life! To really use it as a social tool, I should just visit people's profile that I want to know what's going on with them. There's too much stuff being posted from other pages and random stuff from people to keep up with it all.
  11. I found that deleting A LOT of "friends" off of facebook helped. But, I'm still addicted to the internet.

    So, dammit, I'll be accepting this challenge and seeing how much I am dependent upon the internet.
  12. ihadwillpower

    ihadwillpower New Member

    Count me in ! I will do this.
  13. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    I noticed yesterday my use of the internet (computer or phone) not only kills my productivity but distracts me from what I know is important in life. As I got distracted with seemingly harmless internet use (news, etc.) I eventually found myself looking at more objectionable material!

    For example, on a new site, I looked at the side menu of other stories and each has a picture. On the pictures with women in them, over half of them showed a woman's chest (or more)! It's amazing how all media (even children's shows) has become increasingly sexualized. It makes me thankful for this forum and you guys.
  14. I'm in. Starting tomorrow.
  15. stretcher

    stretcher New Member

    "I go in circles. I check my email, then Facebook, then a couple of forums, then watch a video on Youtube, and then start the cycle all over again. I do this like 100 times per day."

    This describes the last five years of my life.
  16. hogus

    hogus Active Member

    I am going to try this over the summer. No more than half an hour per day of casual browsing (email, fb etc). Wish I could cut it out completely but too many people exclusively use fb to organize parties etc.

    Trouble is I work over the internet so it's easy to get distracted but that's variable and at least I don't have to do uni work!
  17. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    I tried this, but I couldn't do anything else. I have to wait until my withdrawal is gone and brain is functioning normally. Anyway, I only use the internet for listening to music, and sometimes watching an episode or two.
  18. These last 3 months have been approx 1,5 hours of internet 4-5 days a week.
    Im moving to a new apartment again, with internet this time, its going to be very interesting to see if i fall back into the old traps.
  19. Lifeisbeautiful

    Lifeisbeautiful Active Member

    I am gonna give it a try. Or at the least reduce internet time to not more than an hour each day for next ten days. Let's see how far I succeed.
  20. Randy

    Randy New Member

    Lets do this!

    I think this is a brilliant idea! I will be able to get SO much more reading done during the 10 day break. So I'm guessing that it starts at 12:01am on June 8th?

    I feel that this will help significantly with my PMO temptation.

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