The "10 Days Without Internet" Challenge

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by TheUnderdog, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. I will do this again starting from tomorrow. I will try not to use the computer at all.
  2. I think I failed this time.
  3. rcfergie5

    rcfergie5 Guest

    Hey guys, so I'm going to take this challenge again. Starting this Sunday, after I hit the 100th day of no PMO. Then after the 10 day challenge is up, I go for another 20, so therefore it will be a 30-day-without-internet challenge. No Facebook. No Youtube. No forums. No looking up anything. Nothing to do with the internet.

    I can see how it disables my social interaction with people in a way. And I can't do that, anymore. I can't even just check in without spending lots of time online. I've decided to just do it. Not care if anyone approves of this or not. As a matter of fact, I'm not gonna care about "spending a month offline" and "not using the internet", I'm just gonna focus on "abstaining".
  4. Whiz

    Whiz Get rid of it.

    Lol, turns out this is even harder than reboot.
    I'd be willing to participate, though, if anyone wants to re-do it
  5. hogus

    hogus Active Member

    I feel like giving this a shot, but it's impossible for me to stay away from a computer for more than maybe an hour due to my course.

    But when I take extended breaks from it, like holidays or a 5 day hiking trip I went on once, I always feel much better in my head...
  6. Neuroplastic

    Neuroplastic "If it's to be, it's up to me" Joe Girard

    I can't do that.

    I can't live without YBOP and posting something in here.....

    Okay, at least not yet. Someday, maybe, but not now....

    Stay Strong
  7. sepultur60

    sepultur60 lets rewire this shit !

  8. Quagmire

    Quagmire New Member

    I am in internet is for the weak, starting tomorrow. See you ten days later (I have to modify the rule a bit as I have to make a skype video call every 1-3 days for 30-60min with someone who is away from me).

    Since I don't have facebook, I just have to make sure I don't spend much time in the forums lol

    For those who can obey self put rules, K9 program has a functionality which allows you to access internet only during the times you set in your program. So if you feel like internet is slowing down your morning or taking away your nights you can set it to work only in 8.30-9 and 11-12 (it will also be a motivation to get up early lol).

    p.s: Internet is certainly a bad source of dopamine for me and probably for most of you. When I am on holidays or doing something else more fun (in comparison) I don't even have the smalles taught of browsing internet. But if I am at home and got nothing to do, I can spend hours (as I am doing now :p). There are I am sure some parts of internet that is not vital to your survival such as facebook and forums. Just scribble some immemorable passwords for them and throw it away.
  9. fuck me, even when traveling and things being stressful and shit i bring the computer back out and go surfing.
    managed 3 full days and today im back on it.
    porn lost it grips but the internets got my balls firmly.
  10. Im bumping this one.
    Im moving to a new apartment in a couple of days and ive decided to not order internet to the crib.
    I rock an old school phone so no surfing on that one either.
    If i need something done, i´ll go to a cafe with wireless or a library or something.
    I dont know how many hours a day i spend mindlessly browsing and reloading pages ive already read but i suspect im going to have enough free time on my hands to actually get bored enough to do something productive instead.

    Now gentlemen, feel free to place your bets.
  11. sepultur60

    sepultur60 lets rewire this shit !

    yeah thats a good idea, but if you go to cafes dont let yourself binge and crave for an internet contract and new line,
    be free its great !
  12. Connoisseur of Lotions

    Connoisseur of Lotions Proactive Rehabber

    TSNP that is really cool and shows that you aren't fucking around.

    If you end up spending hours in the cafe, at least tip the baristas nicely.
  13. jon01104

    jon01104 New Member

    funny to hear that im not the only one with that idea, i did move out a month ago, and still have no internet (only at work) and will not order it. its a great way to fight internet addiction and porn addiction.
  14. sepultur60

    sepultur60 lets rewire this shit !

    you can consider yourself lucky :)
    i dont have internet i removed it long ago, because i have many wifi signals strong enough and permanant!
  15. Connoisseur of Lotions

    Connoisseur of Lotions Proactive Rehabber

    10 day challenge starting.... NOW!
  16. sepultur60

    sepultur60 lets rewire this shit !

    pretty interesting to read
  17. Today is the first day i logged on again, so thats pretty much 10 days or close to it.
    Funny how not having any internet works to fight internet addiction huh?
    Altough i should mention the library is right across the street and i just might be able to snatch the wifi signal from my apartment.
    But so far, so good.

    It sucks not being able to google something real quick whenever something comes up, but other than that its great to not be stuck to the computer reading the same things over and over.

    Im rooting for you E.
  18. Yuuichi

    Yuuichi New Member

    I'm starting this challenge. (Only) 10 mins of internet for the next 10 days. Wish me luck!
  19. Connoisseur of Lotions

    Connoisseur of Lotions Proactive Rehabber

    Arrrgh! On the 31st, I used the net for 40 minutes and felt great! The next day I stayed off the net got a ton of work accomplished, sat down at 10 PM to briefly check things on the internet... didn't goto sleep until 4 in the morning. After than I spent anywhere from 6 - 12 hours a day goofing off on on the net.

    Going to try again using more extreme measures. See you again on the 20th.
  20. The Evil Architect

    The Evil Architect All in all, you're just another brick in The Wall

    I'm in. I relapsed to PMO today and I think time away from my computer will do good. I just have a couple of questions (I didn't read the thread so excuse me):

    My girlfriend lives a couple of towns away. We chat via facebook messenger on our phones to avoid absurd phone bills. Is this okay?

    I'm in a band, and I usually have my laptop with me so we can listen to the songs we're working on and write shit down etc. I sometimes need to look up a song on Spotify or YouTube. Is this okay?

    I'm not starting yet, possibly on Monday, so it will be slightly more easy due me being at school most of the time.

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