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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Oxidizer, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Oxidizer

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    This may be a really stupid question, but can testosterone help you lose weight? I'm a big guy (320) and kinda short (5'9), and I have fairly low testosterone. I was wondering if I increased my testosterone will that help me lose weight (I've started eating healthier and excersicing but I've stopped losing weight). And are there anyway other than steroids that will increase my testosterone? Even if it doesn't help me lose weight I could use a manly beard that doesn't look terrible.
  2. Newnes

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    Yep. T levels affect muscle mass, basal metabolic rate and fat storage, among other.

    You can increase your T levels by losing weight, HIIT / strength training (no chronic cardio), stress management, a healthy diet (which means healthy fats including butter, and enough proteins, but no more than 2g/kg), and good sleep.

  3. OU812

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    Are you tracking what you're eating on a DAILY basis ? It may seem like a pain in the @ss. But it's a good habit to develop. I've been doing it for years. It's second nature now. What you don't track...you're either going to under or over shoot the proper amount needed. In general...people that hit weight loss plateaus are eating a lot more than they realize. Either through foods, liquids, or both.

    As far as Testosterone goes...lose body fat. That will in due time correct itself. More body fat = more Aromatase Enzyme which is converting more of your Testosterone into Estrogen.
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    Just eat 500cal below your needs. You will lose 0,5kg a week. And because you are big, u can even try to cut more calories www.bodybuilding.com

    I advice you to fitness to, 2x a week fullbody with 15min spinning

    Testosterone had not much to do with your bodyhair, it's in the gene's aswell your race. Don't worry men, i don't have much facial neither.
  5. lylemcd

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    ok man, I'm on the same page as you are, but I was on this page in 2012

    yes, raising T can be useful
    when you raise T, you also will raise E...Estrogen/estradiol
    Raising Estrogen is bad news(prostate cancer, breast cancer via depurination)

    so in 2012, I was 270 at 5'9", so I did a few things
    1 learned all I could about increasing T,, thinking I could raise it via drugs, until I lost weight, then stop using it
    I had a blood test, my T was 248mg/dl, my MD said I was in RANGE

    2 joined a contest to see who could lose the highest percentage of bodyfat in 12 weeks
    3 started logging my calories
    4 lifted weights
    5 at 1200 calories a day

    12 weeks later, I lost close to 70lbs, won the contest($1200) and was on a new path
    new blood test, my T was now 640ng/dl

    how is that dramatatic change possible without drugs?
    I lost tons of belly fat, within bellyfat is lots of aromaste enzyme, which converts T to E
    that is a novie page written by a guy who is NOT a scientist, bu a IT guy, but it gives a foundation of what you are looking into

    my suggestion is to
    log your food, high protein, low fat(10% of calories from fat) and lots of veggies, no man made foods
    go lift weights(although at your bodyfat, that won't do much, cuase you are so fat, it won't matter much, the point of lifting weights on a diet is to retain the muscle you have and you are so fat(read: high leptin) you can go a while without lifting wieghts

    here is a book you will find useful

    PM me your email and I'll send you it


    Over time, as I gained experience (and the horror of all horrors: maturity), I realized that there are no secrets. The equation is simply ass busting work + time = results. There are no shortcuts, no secrets, no easy solutions (except drugs). Sure, you need to train smart, you need to apply good principles to your diet and training and some stuff is relatively more effective than other stuff. But once you’ve got the basics, all you can do is bust ass for a long period of time. Or take drugs. Both work and, of course, drugs are easier

    and in this case, drugs are not gonna help
    not unless you find some 2,4 Dinitrophenol, and that is just not worth messing with...
  6. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    HIIT doesnt increase T
    limit protein? no, depends on source
    healthy fats? be more vague.
    Why Do You Avoid Adding Vegetable Oils?

    cause they will cause you more issuees
    why you want a low fat diet? turns off genes that cause issues, more boners via more NO in the body

    losing fat IE your BELLY, is going to majorly increase your T

    TS here thinks he knows, but time and time again he gives lots of bro-science
  7. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    spot on right here

    but this is also what sucks the most

    there is no easy, fast fix

    its DAILY eating right
    and bodyfat is your enemy

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