Taking my life back

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by GhostDog, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. xstar

    xstar New Member

    Fantastic....thanks for the encouraging reports.

    I'm at four months and, though things are much better, I have a long way to go.
  2. GhostDog

    GhostDog Porn=Poison

    Four months you are on cruise control now that's great. Things will continue to become better as time passes.

    Stay Strong!!!!
  3. BadOnion

    BadOnion New Member

    A very inspiring story. I can't wait to be where you are.
  4. GhostDog

    GhostDog Porn=Poison

    I am still alive and kicking!!!!

    I am still porn free but I started masturbating about a month ago. I started because I figured it was ok and also to help me last longer with my lady friend.

    While it did help me last longer I did not like what came along with opening Pandora's box. :eek:

    * When I was in the PMO Olympics when I had to take a leak it was like a five alarm emergency. If I had to hold it it was the most uncomfortable feeling you can imagine and the frequency was a little high. I could feel that coming back.

    * The shaky confidence, foggy mind, the half charged feeling started coming back.

    * I started slipping back into the habit of M before going to sleep. Wow seams like old times.....

    I stopped about four days ago and I already feel different.

    I have that wolf on the prowl feeling back Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    If I do M it will be a once in a blue moon type of thing not a habit LOL. 8)
  5. GhostDog

    GhostDog Porn=Poison

    It's been a long time since I last posted a message to be board and I just wanted to provide an update.

    I'm happy to say that I have not relapsed back to viewing porn.

    For those of you who have doubts REBOOTING WORKS!!!!! You have to have faith in the process and give it time to work. Do not get discouraged if you reboot takes longer than 30 days, the time varies based on the individual and the severity of the porn addiction.

    I now have a normal sex life and the fear of not being able to obtain and maintain an erection are far behind me. I'm dating a nice lady now and things are completely different from how they were when my mind was twisted by porn. I am able to form normal caring bonds with my woman and I don't view her as a sex object even though she is quite sexy.

    My sex life is pretty damn good for a man of 48 years old and I feel good about myself. I am so glad that I decided to get myself together and correct my PIED issue, its completely changed my life.

    There is a whole other world waiting for you on the other side of rebooting and I know for some it may seem impossible to kick the porn habit. It is truly mind over matter and you have to take it one day at a time.

    If your need pointers or advice feel free to drop me a PM.
  6. Lightning Man

    Lightning Man New Member

    Thank you, Ghost Dog. You're living the dream and in inspiration to us all.
  7. imout

    imout Active Member

    1153 days. You are kidding, man. I havent even ever seen these numbers in this context. Bloody awesome. And very encouraging that your life is coming together in healthy ways.
    Totally heartfelt congratulations.
  8. Mozenjo

    Mozenjo Well-Known Member

    Really appreciate you coming back to tell your story, Ghost Dog.
    It's just what I needed to hear tonight. Your success gives me renewed hope.
  9. TommyH

    TommyH New Member

    Thanks, GhostDog. As a guy who is 47 years old and 41 days into sobriety, I am grateful for this story. I can feel changes already. I can feel what the freedom tastes like and how good real connections are. But I also feel the tug, every day, multiple times. So, I am going to add your story to my list of inspirations to provide leverage.

    Knowing that the air becomes fresher, that life becomes more dynamic and that we can rewire our brains -- that's a beautiful promise to work toward, and one worth leaving all the fleeting fantasies behind.

    Thanks again, GhostDog.
  10. GhostDog

    GhostDog Porn=Poison

    **** Checking In ****

    I have not posted in quite a while and I wanted to let you guys and gals know where I am in life.

    I have NOT relapsed I still avoid porn like it is poison. Occasionally I accidentally get exposed to some and for a brief moment I feel the chemicals in my mind raging before I remove myself from the exposure.

    My Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction is completely gone and I am now able to enjoy the presence of a woman like a man with a non compromised by porn mind. Its like night and day and I am so glad that I found the resources and support online to assist me in my recovery.

    For those of you who are deep in the throws of battle with porn, its truly mind over matter. I've dated a few women here and there and have not experienced any erection problems what's really funny is a had a woman over my place a few months ago and we were messing around. We didn't have sex but at one time she ask my why my penis was super hard and took a while to go down. I was so damn proud of myself to be 48 years old and have a raging erection.

    Work and school have kept me busy its important to find something to do with your spare time. I hope to find a woman one of these days and start an relationship and catch up on some lost shagging time. 8)

    As always I am here for advice, a sounding board etc. Don't hesitate to reach out.

  11. LAGuy

    LAGuy New Member


    I wondered why I have to go 12-15 times a day... and when it's urgent, I'm like DYING to get to the bathroom or I'll piss myself.

    That went away for you once you stopped jerking it all the time?
  12. GhostDog

    GhostDog Porn=Poison

    I remember those days the bathroom ruled my life.

    Yes once I stopped abusing myself things went back to normal.
  13. LAGuy

    LAGuy New Member

    Yea, it's bad enough I may stop PMO for this reason alone.
    I've almost had some pretty embarrassing moments where I had to go and just couldn't hold it any longer.
  14. GhostDog

    GhostDog Porn=Poison

    Re: Taking my life back (4 Years porn free)

    Today makes four years being porn free. I was screwed up for about 10 years, I still want to kick myself for waiting so long to get myself together.

    Guys you can beat this addiction and take back control of your lives.
  15. GhostDog

    GhostDog Porn=Poison

    Just checking in

    I am still porn free and had zero porn relapses.
    It may seam impossible at times but you can beat this addiction which is destroying your quality of life.

    Be strong and if you fall, get back up and continue your journey.
  16. Caoimhín

    Caoimhín Winter's coming...

    @GhostDog Thanks for your regular check ins! It is important to have someone as an example of success! It can be done! I wish you success in finding the right woman... or dating many.

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