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    Tried several times before. Just a quick note to myself that this time I'm going for 90 days. Taking it one day at a time.

    Things to help, to make this time different:
    Daily meditation
    No phone use after 10.00pm
    Website blocker on phone and desktop computer
    Deactivated Facebook account, blocked social media accounts on phone
    Attend SLAA, find local group.

    Things I'm doing well:

    I started BJJ a couple of months ago. Not something I'd ever thought I would do but now I'm going twice a week. It has really helped with my anger. I don't really get as angry now I get to spar. Going to the gym regularly and getting fitter.

    Things I'd like to change:
    Replace PMO with guitar.
    Get a therapist.
    Work harder on my PHD
    Learn more about coping with shame. Think about telling my partner.

    Good luck and this time I will do it. 90 days and the rest of my life to come.
    Peace and love.

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