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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by SmithSmithy, Sep 15, 2021.

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    Hello everyone. Have been thinking about my experience, and realized I had "found" a few tricks that help me personally with p addiction, and am assuming others have as well.

    It might be nice to have a centralized list of tactics people use to help reach their pmo-goals, so we can share knowledge easier. That, plus an understanding of what drives your addiction/what motivates you might be a super helpful resource.

    Please don't feel pressured to share more than you want to. Hoping this can become a practical resource/discussion so we can all help each other.
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  2. SmithSmithy

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    Shamelessly starting this thread, picked the format arbitrarily, please do what works for you.


    "Poetry": Writing out what is on my mind, usually theorizing about life or getting emotions out/on paper ("poetry" because did 2 line stanza things early on).
    Made some semi-inspirational stuff for myself by accident, and having a ton of papers of me being vulnerable helped me stay grounded/remember where I have been (as well as give something to do during urges).
    Duration: Been doing on and off for around half a year, during streaks was more frequent, as well as day of/after a relapse. For me, correlated with being engaged with myself (somewhat), which is helpful.

    Going outside on waking up: straightforward, for a few minutes, just to get sunlight so can wake up more naturally in future.
    For me, have found I wake up before alarm/feel more well rested, which helped me be more engaged (was working on sleep schedule at time too). Also makes having a morning routine/avoiding hitting snooze on your alarm a bunch much easier.
    Shamelessly stole idea from another post on this forum (sorry forgot where please let me know and I can add you) linking a video (see bottom of post).
    Duration: Been doing for about two or three months.

    Mirror on desk
    : A small cheap mirror (I got a vanity one) that you can point at yourself.
    Helps keep me grounded/almost impossible to forget about yourself when you can literally see yourself. Also semi helpful for self-esteem, but we getting there slowly.
    Duration: Been doing for about a month.

    Well-lit room: I like being in well-lit places, so I think it will be easier for me to stay engaged in my room since I like it. Still trying it out, putting it here cause why not.
    Duration: about three days

    My understanding of my relationship with p is that I am drawn to it when stressed/overwhelmed/not engaged with life (from tiredness, eating junk food, doing mindless activities) primarily. Super open to suggestions/feedback.

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    good for u.

    my tactics

    reading books: I love reading books. Bought books on romance, relationship, and sex. reading it so work on having real sex relationship etc.

    this forum: when i have the urge to watch p. i come here and read and post stuff..

    watch sitcom: watching funny shows

    hobbies: i like drawing so try that funny cartoon,scribble,copy painting etc.

    have not tried this much but from today onwards try

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