Superpowers and presence is coming... How to STOP women trying to seduce me and steal my semen....

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by auzzie_mikey, May 19, 2019.

  1. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Active Member

    Superpowers and presence is coming... How to STOP women trying to seduce me and steal my semen....

    Hey guys,

    My presence and superpowers are returning and so whenever I get on the train, I never look up at all and always look down cause I don't want women seducing me or arousing me for me to lose any semen or precum due to their seduction. I get so aggressive when this happens cause during the past 2 weeks, some women have been trying their hardest to stand next to me to touch my leg or my hand while sitting down to seduce me. I'm trying everything from sitting ONLY next to guys on the train, to putting a bag between my legs and their legs, to not looking up at all. But women are relentless and will do anything to seduce me....

    I honestly just want a way to get rid of my sexual desires completely... Anyone know any yoga/meditation or method to completely get rid of sexual desires? How to tell these women specifically to stop seducing/arousing me? I'm literally just thinking telling these women on the face that "Can you please stop touching me?"... Tell them that on the face so they stop... Really going to go to ALL fucking measures even tell it loudly and vocalise my voice to these women to not touch my legs...

    ANyone have any experience of how to counter this situation?
  2. doneatlast

    doneatlast Active Member

    I hear you.

    I'd move a bit away from the idea that women are out against us in this battle. I think a more realistic (and more useful) paradigm is to see them as co-victims. We're victims in that our sexuality is hijacked and constantly being bounced from arousal to arousal. They're victims because that is how they understand their own self worth. We're best off when we see men and women as equal partners in both perpetrating and being victims. If we let men be the only victims, we fall into an uncomfortable misogyny, like the in-cels.. If we let women be the only victims, we turn men into these weird unrealistic monsters, and we're into that strange "SJW" realm.

    My reaction isn't to act against them or run away, but to double down on treating them like a human. Imagine myself as her brother or father... the sort of person that loves her, recognizes her physical beauty, but is not aroused. Or, maybe imagine yourself as a golden age movie actor, a Carey Grant type or something else. You'll feel like a bad actor the first couple times you do this, but it'll start to feel more natural as time goes on. You'll probably help those women, too. If they find they get more attention by talking about what they study in school or cute stories about their nieces or nephews than in weird touches and offering glances, then their lives will be transformed as well. Who knows, it could be the first time in years that the young woman has been treated respectfully.

    Other times, they're best just being ignored, and I've done that plenty of times, too. I think most women are just starved for real affection and attention, and seek it in the wrong ways. That isn't to say that some just are plain ol' manipulative or socio-pathic. I remember one waitress that kept touching my back, and it came across that she just wanted to see what reaction she could get, so I gave her none. I've also had co-workers that seemed to want to see how much they could be an alpha in a workplace by seeming attractive to me, but I kept a professional face, and it ultimately wore off.

    That's my method, anyway. Usually the flirting/weirdness I get is from women too young for me. I'm not sure why - I look young for my age, I'm 36 and still get carded about half the time, but I seem to be most attractive to women under 22-23.
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  3. Pete McVries

    Pete McVries Active Member

    Great post, doneatlast.

    @auzzie_mikey: From my own personal experience, I can state that my superpowers (I prefer calling it mental well-being) don't derive from semen retention but from refraining from artificial sexual stimuli. I have had plenty of Os with a partner during the last few weeks and my superpowers haven't vanished at all. I feel healthy, I feel good, I feel comfortable and I feel confident. For me, it's all about staying away from porn. I suppose, it's all about not abusing the dopaminergic system. But it might be different for you.

    Take care!
  4. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Active Member

    This morning I'll tell you what happened on the train. I was sitting down and extreme presence, aura and superpowers overtook me. I was sitting down just listening to music. This women from the distance tries moving her legs and projecting her entire body towards me to seduce me. I didn't give any notice. Then next she comes right next to me and starts trying to touch my legs with her legs. I stared at her twice or three times aggressively and kept staring at her. She moved away a little bit and then started to touch my legs again. That's when I verbalised it front of everyone and said "Theres plenty of room to stand over there". She said 'Whats wrong with me standing over here?". I said "It's cause you are moving closer to me". That kept her away. Everyone stared at me and then she was made conscious.

    I will do anything at this stage to retain my superpowers. I'll even report them to the police for inappropriate touching or assault.

    Yeah man this morning I selected a place to sit only next to males and will consciously always to sit ONLY next to males.... NEVER SIT NEXT TO ANY FEMALE... I can't control how I behave. My mind is recovering at the moment and I project myself aggressively with too much confidence at the moment (i.e. superpowers). I'm telling myself to be calm and quiet and be not noticeable. But I can't control myself. I do other things and literally and don't even stare at any women, I look at my phone or do my work and still these women try seducing me , like this morning.

    This thing really aggravates me beyond words.
  5. Perigee

    Perigee Member

    What in the flying fuck are you talking about OP? A women's legs brushing against your own doesn't mean jack shit. Maybe i'd have to have been in your shoes because I do understand that women flirt very subtly, but the idea that women are actively trying to "seduce you" and "steal your semen" sounds delusional.

    Regardless, if this is true, why is it such a bad thing? Why do you not want to have sex?
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  6. TheNightfly

    TheNightfly Member

    I know there was a Pope who made it a point to stare at the floor when he was around women. I know abstaining increases testosterone and women know that. Perhaps that is in play here. Perhaps the fact that you do not look weak, cowardly and desperate is a change. Most guys would do the opposite. If that happens to me I would love it. However, the only act I could do would be sex. It is nice to think about if true. That may be extreme but maybe what you said is true. We are still more or less cavemen and they want to be with you subconsciously. Sorry to go on a rant
  7. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh Seize the day

    I second @Perigee. You are just very sensitive right now and probably not well able to judge the situation. And maybe it is indeed time to have a healthy sexual relationship again. You have been going through difficulties, but it is really unlikely that is due to ejaculation.
  8. Perigee

    Perigee Member

    OP do you know if you have a tendency towards manic depression (bipolar spectrum disorder) ?

    You've made posts not very long ago where you stated you were suffering immensely.
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  9. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Active Member

    Man, I just want to be left alone. I don't even look at anyone on the train and just keep looking down and my aura and presence is so aggressive and dangerous right now. I don't even stare any at women. But they stare at me and try to move their body and seduce me in ways that aggravate me to no end.

    I don't just picture these things. I actively see women trying to touch my legs and body.

    I never want to have sex ever again. I want to completely stay celibate and abstain from all sexual releases. I have been through so much pain and depression this time and can conclusively say that Orgasm of any form for me completely ruins me and destroys me.

    If I have to stay clean my entire life, I am ready for it. But I will not let any women steal my precious life force at any cost.
  10. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Active Member

    What you said is exactly at play with me my friend. I always stare to the ground and don't want any arousal or seduction from any women. Yes exactly what you are saying... What i've realised is women subconsciously know and by their very true nature they are hypergamous and their entire self value is dependent upon how much attention they get from males. Their whole self-worth and confidence depends on the attention and staring they get from males.

    I know what you are saying that most guys love the attention and level of attention I get from women. The only thing I am trying to stay away from is sex and all forms of arousal. This complete depression and anxiety I have suffered this year has been due to O and having sex alot.

    I just want to be left alone and survive... I'm just happy to be alive and peaceful and thankful that I am starting to have my mind back again. I don't ever plan on having a relationship with any girl. I have cutoff all girls from my life at the moment. They call me and message me, and I don't respond. I just want to be left alone and just enjoy life again. The one thing I missed so dearly when I had the dark days of depression and anxiety.

    I just wish there wasn't any of these women actively trying to steal my semen and seduce me. I am literally sick of it. But the way I have learned is you gotta fight in this world to even keep yourself at peace. I try to be peaceful, and it doesn't work jack shit. I just tell myself be calm and ok
  11. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Active Member

    Yeah, I am recovering slowly mentally at the moment. But I can judge and assess the situation very well at the moment. I don't even stare at any women and just keep to myself. The fact that women come next to me and try to seduce me is what aggravates me to no words end.

    Sex is not the centre of my life at all anymore. I never had any issues of having sex and getting girls. When I was crazy last year, I was having a lot of sex and going out and having casual one night stands.

    The centre of my life is for me just to live life again of just having a clear and happy mind. I can definitely say that my depression and anxiety has been due to O and ejaculation. Sex, women, all these things are not important for me at all anymore.

    My mind and peace and serenity is the UTMOST important to me right now. Just to live a HAPPY and PEACEFUl life is what i want. Nothing else. and just seek the lord's path and jesus christ to recover and perfect my life.
  12. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Active Member

    Yep, that is true my friend. I was having extreme depression and anxiety for 3 months, which was definitely attributable to O and ejaculation. I am seeing a psychiatrist at the moment and she said I don't have bipolar spectrum disorder.

    What I have learned in this journey is that no one knows themself better than themselves. I know for a fact that O and ejaculation has led to my depression and extreme anxiety.

    Now, I can feel my aura, presence returning. I have some bad moments. But they are getting better.
  13. benjamin027

    benjamin027 New Member

    @Auzziemike I would have you know that in my 13years + of PMO addiction, I have realized one thing- women are not the enemies at all. If there is any anomaly, the anomaly comes from the addict. It's because our addiction has conditioned our minds to think that women are the reason we relapse, forgetting that we are the ones who fail to decide to overcome through building a daily habit of staying clean. You can't go on avoiding women all your life. You might end up becoming a mysoginist if you continue on this path and this will make ur life all the more fucked up.. I tell u this confidently because I used to feel the same way about women(as the enemy). But that's an askewed way of thinking. Women are wonderful creatures who deserve repect. I'm not saying yu have to neceasarily strike a relationship with them on ur nofap journey, but don't see them as your enemy.

    Concerning women touching your legs, you can always politely tell the off.
  14. TheNightfly

    TheNightfly Member

    hypergamous, good word for the day ...
    Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as "marrying up" or "gold-digging", occasionally referred to as "higher-gamy"[citation needed]) is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person marrying a spouse of higher caste or social status than themselves. The term does not always need to imply marriage, nor does it need to be restricted to social status, but rather, can be implied to several categories which could be deemed hierarchical, such as higher physical or sexual attractiveness. You say you never want any relationship with a girl. You kind of sound like a monk. Part of the reason I am doing this is I want to be a man in every aspect. I am
    new at this and I hope I can have the energy to reach my potential.
  15. doneatlast

    doneatlast Active Member

    I wasn't there. I'm guessing you weren't, either. There are two binary possibilities:

    First, this stuff isn't happening. The abstinence from porn is bubbling up to the surface, and he's seeing all women as trying to seduce him, a lie created by an angry and hungry porn brain. If this is the case, he's doing the right thing by fighting it. It wouldn't be right to blame the women, not just in his mind but in actual public situations, but he needs to fight it precisely because it is a lie.

    Second, this stuff is really happening. It happens to me only occasionally, but it does happen in waves. And who knows? Maybe he's having a wave of it, and having a tough time dealing with it in the throes of depression, anxiety and porn addiction recovery. He maintains complete rights over his own body, just as every woman does, and he isn't less of a "man" if he doesn't aggressively go after physical stimulation from a woman. If he knows that it is only stimulating his porn hungry brain (I think we get a bit of a sixth sense for this at a certain point in our reboots), then he can and should make good decisions about which interactions are healthy and which ones aren't.

    Of course I take exception to some of his language in his first post (as I mentioned in my prior reply) but his general reaction to know that there is something not right going on here isn't something that should be smothered, I think. Stepping back, considering, analysing and refining might be better actions.
  16. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    i see lot of recovering in these posts. and the sound of it mike has things good. i remember when we used to call eachother and just whine and whine about whats lost and how horrible this is dreaming of better states, now i see the better states had come. i see lots of good moving ahead from these posts. ability to mix own imagination and reality is good way to be social and mike does that again. sure to me too sounds bit too much that girls try and approach him and touch him because they feel mikey's great and powerful aura but i could laugh with him when he tells this story to me. self confidence is bousting from his words. it makes all this good and enjoyable read/and to hear. Isnt this exactly what we are aiming to? be social and ourselves and do and act way that makes US happy, be confident self without self-restriction?

    How many of porn watchers acts way mike does, if not anything porn addicts usually tend to be pathetic way they chase girls and dream about them, fap to them and get very little attention from them. To what mike believes, no fap and semenretention has made him strong, and stronger thought process syncs with his life and outer appearance, what he believes has come true. And thats great. Mind of nofapper is million times stronger than fapper. I do believe in that too.

    Im coming too mike!!

    Good luck
  17. Living

    Living Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I have no clue what to make of this. Even besides some things you describe that seem kind of absurd to me, the way you go from extreme downs to extreme ups (at least that's how you experience them) to extreme downs and up again is something I have never experienced myself. The confidence you speak of sounds rather like esteem and I think self-confidence is a lot healthier for you than self esteem is. Working on it might level out all the fluctuations you are having. But what I find most striking is that I can't really see how this period that you seem to find very promising is promising. I mean it is quite clear that you have changed from one mood to another, but things like having the feeling you need to look down all the time and all the anger and aggression you describe, is that really such a positive thing? Also the idea that you can never have sex's all so extreme and self-limiting. It's like you step from one cage to another, but it's still a cage. But perhaps that's just a matter of perspective.

    Anyway, I think what you are experiencing right now (whether real or imagined) is not normal and it seems like you do need help with that. I read you are seeing a psychiatrist right now and I was wondering what she is thinking about all this and whether you feel like it's helping you.
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  18. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Active Member

    Hey man. I see your point. I understand your point about women not being the enemy. I take that.

    But I know definitely in my life is I don't ever want to have sex or get aroused again by any female. That is clear and cemented in my head. I have felt suicidal, down, anxious and depressed so many times and can conclusively say that it's due to O and Ejaculation.

    The part which makes me the most aggressive is that women always notice my very strong presence and aggression at the moment. I always look down and stare and don't want any attention at all from women. When they try seducing or arousing me by touching my leg, or biting their fingers to seduce me to release precum... and when they become relentless in their pursuit, this is the part which annoys me to no end. For example, like if I'm on the train I make it clear to a woman by not staring at her and then she will get closer to me and then try to seduce n arouse me even more. This is what annoys me.
  19. doneatlast

    doneatlast Active Member

    I think the frame of mind issue here is that what you're describing is really just flirting, albeit excessive flirting. A woman wants to get the attention of a guy - often times it is a control or self-esteem thing. They just want to know they can. But, for a porn addict, all arousal ends in ejaculation. Watching porn? You masturbate and ejaculate. See something arousing in public? Go home, search your favorite site for something that looks similar, and ejaculate. During my reboot, I had to learn how to be aroused, or even to simply appreciate someone beautiful, without having to end it with ejaculation. The females in question are likely not thinking about robbing your semen, though I think it is an interesting take/observation on your part.
  20. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Active Member

    That is true I don't want any women in my life or have a relationship in my life. But hypergamy describes the tendency of women always wanting to get attention from the most "alpha" male or the male that has the most presence etc.

    My presence, charisma, magnetism and aura is so strong right now.. wherever I go I see women always just come to me and try to get my attention. I tell myself that I don't want any attention and I try to stay quiet and be lowly.

    In the last few days, I have had 4 women who are with their husband and boyfriend, they purposely stand next to me and start checking and staring at me. I don't even look at them. I just feel sorry for their husband/boyfriend that all these women are like that. It just makes me realise all the more that going in a relationship with these women is just asking for more trouble and more pain in my life. Best is just to stay single and just happy.

    It's in a women's inherent nature to get attention from males. Any women gets her value or place in society by how much attention she gets from males.

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