super sensitive dick?

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Superunknown, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Superunknown

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    Sooo Ive been cured twice. Did six month hard modes. Was back in action. Then slowly lost my mojo till ED came back. Twice

    Apparently Im jumping back in too quickly and orgasming too much.

    This past time I went out with a bang. Had sex probably 30 times in a month, complete and total ED now. Last few times i had sex, it was hard to get an erection, then I would orgasm immediately. Was very bad.

    Anyways, now my penis is super sensitive, for about a week now. Like my body is saying no, dont use this thing anymore. We just arent ready for your shennanigans.

    Is this phenomena known around here?
  2. Its happened to me before as well. Ive read quite a few other instances here as well.
  3. tommy_0113

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    Yes I'm incredibly sensitive. Like I'll cum in seconds during sex. Even masturbating I could come in seconds if I want to. It seems there is a really sensitive area on the underside of my penis. Potentially developed from masturbating with my fingers instead of hands for two years (due to it being semi erect and not much to be able to hold onto!)

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