[Suggestion] People should state their purpose of rebooting in their signature

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by lesliejohnson, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. lesliejohnson

    lesliejohnson New Member

    We have lots of reboot progress bar in people's signature which is great. However, I believe people should state the purpose of their rebooting in their signature so we won't get confused about some of the advice we take.

    When I first heard of the rebooting concept, I thought 99.99% of the people do it because they want to good sex with real women. However, upon more browsing of this forum, it turns out there are people who do it for religious or some other reasons.

    I don't judge whether someone should practice celibacy but people deserve to know what why certain advice or agenda is being pushed. It is unethical for someone to use Reboot and fear of ED to push their own agenda of sex/no sex. Without full disclosure, we are getting conflicted information.
  2. evgtrees

    evgtrees Member

    Gladly took your suggestion.
  3. Yuuichi

    Yuuichi New Member

    Did that. Took the bit more vague but more direct approach
  4. hogus

    hogus Well-Known Member

  5. kodomin

    kodomin New Member

    Why not, the more we get reminded of our goals the better.
  6. Great idea!
  7. Wilde

    Wilde New Member

    I will do this as wel!
  8. NaturalMan

    NaturalMan Guest

    Great idea! I think everyone should do this. Its helpful and I think its a constructive exercise to determine your goal and put it into words.
  9. livefreeordiehard

    livefreeordiehard New Member

    I also added my "history" in my signature, because I think it helps to evaluate the posts I make. I mean I can't speak for 18 or 40 year old people. I could only be the "benchmark" for another 24-27 yo virgin with ED problems.

    You know what I mean? My suggestion is that everybody writes down a short porn CV.^^

    Like age, sexual experience, problems, PMO use, ...
  10. Pedigree

    Pedigree Active Member

    That's what the first post should be for.
  11. livefreeordiehard

    livefreeordiehard New Member

    Yes but it's impossible to read through everyones journal. And it's not like everybody is posting that in their journal.

    Some guys don't even have journals I think, like Dre93 for example or other member.

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