Suffering from ED. Can't get hard without physical stimulation

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  1. Johnathon

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    I am not sure if somebody has already posted the problem I am about to describe. But I want to be specific about my problem hence I am going to post it in detail. I could really use some help.
    (I have posted it in Gabe's motivational thread also)

    I am 29 yrs old and have been masturbating for almost 18 yrs. To make it worse, since my teen days, I have been masturbating almost 3-4 times a day. I never noticed but recently that I had started yanking even without hard on.
    My problem is that now I can't get erection without stroking my penis. Even when I get erection by stroking, I start to lose it if I stop stroking and my penis would go flaccid in 10 seconds.
    I get morning erections in around 2 days gap. But it doesn’t stay for long and I start to lose it as soon as I wake up.

    Generally I used to masturbate while watching porn or some nude images. But thats not necessarily. Occasionally I would masturbate while just thinking about something erotic or reading some erotic book. I am not into any specific porn category like fetish or femdom but yes sometimes I fantasize abt women having rough sex or getting dominated by men. (I know it sounds pathetic but thats what happening to me). It doesn’t matter on what I am masturbating, I need continuous physical stimulation to get it up and then to maintain the erection. If I stop stoking, I start to lose erection in around 10 seconds. I don’t feel any pain while masturbating.

    I have met a urologist. He asked few questions abt my routine, porn, arousals, morning erections etc. and then prescribed me for some vitamin B and Zinc capsules in addition to some caps for better blood flow. But I have not observed any improvement till now. I have been taking this course for two weeks. Complete prescription is for one month.

    I am on no PMO for past one week. I started two weeks ago but relapsed after first week. Then started again.

    I have been doing kegels for past two weeks on daily basis with 7th day being rest each time.

    Can anyone plz advise if no PMO and kegels can help. Specifically as I have been on chronic masturbation for almost 15 yrs. How long its gonna take to recover in such case. I know it can be long, but I hope it won't be in years.

    I seriously hope someone would read and help.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. TheLongWalk

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    As far as I know, the symptoms you are describing are very common amongst PMOers. I don't want to sound like a brokenn record but to improve things, you should abstain from masturbatinn annd porn for a while (in case of porn forever). I don't have any experiences with kegels but I've read that kegels made things worse for some rebooters and even caused unwanted urination problems and such. The idea behind this is that the PC muscle isn't too weak but overworked. Especially if you used to clench your pc muscles during PMO. I did it for sure and only got aware of it by reading that it is problematic and even causes premature ejaculation and weak erections.
  3. Johnathon

    Johnathon New Member

    Thanks @TheLongWalk . Yeah I also think Kegels won't have any significant effects. Didn't know abt side effects though. i am gonna stop kegels.
    Its just the second day after my relapse on no PMO. I am gonna keep going. Hope this works for me.
  4. Marksanchez

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    Hi Johnathon. I know a lot of people with your sinthoms exactly (problems getting erected even with porn...) and i would like to know if you took SSRI (Antidepressants), Propecia/Finasteride (Anti-hairloss) or Accutane (Anti-acné) anytime in the past?
  5. Johnathon

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    Hi @Marksanchez ....thanks for coming up with help. No, I never took the pills you have mentioned. In fact I was never on any medical course for long time. I don't smoke. I take alcohol occasionally (May be 3-4 times in a year in parties or get together). But as i mentioned I have masturbated a lot (3-4 times a day) my whole life and even without getting hard on. I just don't know if I can ever get recovered completely but I am gonna try. Its just my second day on no PMO after my relapse and I am feeling terribly down and worried abt my future. I think I can carry on with no PMO but I am not sure if that alone is enough. Also, I am not sure how long its gonna take. I may get to meet my girlfriend in next 2 months. I just don't know what I will do if she asks for sex. All I have done is masturbation and no sex till now and I really don't want to lose this girl but god knows whats gonna happen. I am willing to go any distance but I think I am seriously short on time.
    I don't mind consulting doctors but I m not sure if doctors (urologists/ sexologists) can really help. All I am doing is checking this thread in few hrs. and hoping that someone can give me some insight.
    P.S: i have started to grow white pubic hair (lot of them). Not sure it has anything to do with PMO. But still my primary concern is getting and maintaining erection. I don't know how to check sensitivity. Presently I am concentrating on erections only. Its a long road and I know 2 months aren't going to be enough. I may just lose this girl because of my past. So depressed.
  6. Johnathon

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    Hey 5th day and I am finding it terribly difficult. Weekends are seriously tough. Somehow I m hanging in. I must say I m feeling slightly better abt myself (still worried but not that depressed). But recently I read in some other forum that u must have sex or foreplay to recover otherwise u can have timeless abstain from PMO but that won't help. Sex/ foreplay is not an option for me as my girlfriend is not nearby me. Does anyone have any idea on this. Is it must to have sex to recover?

    Also, I m not sure if PMO alone will help me. I used to MO a lot but I don't need porn for that. I can masturbate on anything but my problem is that I need continuous stimulation to get hard and if I stop stimulation, I start to lose erection in few seconds. I m definitely continue on no PMO but will that be enough or do I have a physiological problem also. How do I check. Can anyone help!
  7. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    It's pointless crying and fretting only a week in. The years of indulgence have taken their toil on your body and reversing that isn't going to happen over night. No point putting a time limit on it either.

    You may well lose your partner if she can't accept your struggles which are apart of you, but that would be her lose. There will be millions more potential girlfriends in the future if that is the case.

    The point is your to focus on your health and you can and will recovery providing you believe and make it your priority. So relax, accept recovery and make patience your closest companion.
  8. Johnathon

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    Yes @Metal I have already accepted it. Thats why I said that I m not that depressed now. Actually my whole intention of posting was to make sure that I am on right track. I have met 2 urologists. They couldn't find any problem but then what do these old age doctors know abt this PIED. I was just thinking if someone has faced same problems as mine, may be those ppl can give some insight. I have a feeling that my symptoms are a bit different (I am not using this as any excuse. I m going to continue on no PMO) but since I start to lose erection in few secs, I was thinking if there is any physiological problem as well. Only a person who has faced same problems can help I guess.

    Anyway thanks for reply.
  9. TheLongWalk

    TheLongWalk Guest

    @Johnathon In the beginning of my first reboot, I visited an urologist too, to make sure that I don't have any physiological problems. As I instantly clicked with him, I also told him about the whole PIED stuff and to my astonishment he responded that he is aware of the problem and even attended a medical meeting where PIED was adressed and talked about. So you can be sure that more and more doctors get aware of the problem. Even if they don't know about PIED, they can make sure that you don't suffer from any physiological problems like a leaking corpus cavernosum or low T. Also, I want to remember you that there are many rebooters who have reported problems to stay hard without constant stimulation. This is very common in my opinion. So don't lose hope, you're on the right track!
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  10. Johnathon

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    Thanks a lot @TheLongWalk
  11. Fleming

    Fleming New Member

    I was in the same boat. But it got better when I stopped to watch porn and masturbate & got some meds for my ED.
    And I know it is porn related because it is getting better - 3 years ago even extreme porn did not make me turned on...
  12. Wack793

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    Do you get a lot of precum? I kinda have a similar problem to yours. I think it’s because of tight pelvic muscles, which stimulate the Cowper’s gland causing precum, which messes with your boner.
  13. shattered

    shattered Member

    Sounds like your case is classic masturbation addiction. I have it too. #1 priority in life is to quit MO for me.
  14. Fortis in Solitudo

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    How is going? Your situation sounds similar to the mine bro

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