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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by sn0wfall, Jul 18, 2018.

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    So I haven't fapped since December, and I've gone through multiple withdrawal phases where I nearly went insane during those periods, and even contemplated suicide. But every time I went through those phases, I would feel tremendous afterwards. So, brothers, hang in there during those really depressive points, let your brain and mind heal.

    So, by blocking porn and basically other ways of regenerating my dopamine reward system (not binging on youtube, etc.) has gotten me back to being sensitive, humane, and overall more confident. The truth here is that it doesn't give you superpowers; it just restores you back to the supposed you. Digest that, please.

    I started talking to my crush a week ago, and then yesterday we decided to workout together since we both are into it. While we were at the gym, I put my hands around her waist, and kissed her. She kissed back for a few moments, even frenched me. But then, she pulled back and said she shouldn't do this and that she got cheated on by her last boyfriend so she doesn't want to go too fast like last time, etc..

    But anyhow, we talked into the night yesterday doing a school project together, and she said she really enjoyed spending time with me and that she was really happy. She also called me a 'gentleman', something that girls ALWAYS perceived me as my whole life. I know nowadays, being called a gentleman irks some men into thinking that they're not that 'bad boy', so aren't attractive to girls...

    But anyways guys, I hope that we can be something together later on. For the rest of ya'll who haven't have been avoiding fapping, I'm telling you, go HARD MODE. I nearly went insane during it, but my mind and body really healed during this. I'm sure I have more healing and building to do, but I'm at a way better point than I was a few months ago.

    Good luck, my fellow fapstronauts.
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  2. Joshua Shea

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    Props for using the word French as a verb.
  3. YellowMinion

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    "Frenched" is short for "French kiss". It's something I know we used to say in the 80's referring to a kiss with tongue. I don't hear people say it much today.
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    I agree that "gentleman" starts to sound like "the nice guy" and dangerously close to being in the "friend zone" by a woman that uses it conjunction for holding back on sex. It's like, "I'd screw a bad boy on the first date because he's a bad boy but you're a gentleman so I can hold out on you."

    That being said, I've agreed to abstain from sex. When I met my wife we wanted to have sex on our first date rolling around on the floor kissing. I told her, "I really like you a lot and don't want to blow this by complicating it with sex too soon" (my stupid idea.) She agreed and we set an "OK, two weeks." Two weeks to the day we were excited to spend the night.

    I'm sure my advice won't be popular here, but if you feel you're ready to have sex, then have sex with her. Hard mode is great, but engaging in sex with a woman is also therapeutic IMO. Having the real thing in the absence of PMO steers your brain in the right direction. You'll feel it. If you're kissing her and you get really horny and she wants to, I wouldn't hold back. Otherwise, you'll end up in the friend zone and with women, there is a finite window of opportunity to take it sexual. But if she is attracted to you and you're building a relationship, then building that is healthy too. I just wouldn't pass up the opportunity if she wants to and you feel it.

    I realize my circumstances are totally different than you or a lot of guys here so maybe it's just different for me.
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