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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by alejomobog, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. alejomobog

    alejomobog New Member

    Seriously guys.. This is crazy shit..

    I felt as if today I had finished my reboot process.. Really.. I was on my day 15.. It went incredibly well until now.. I woke up with the hugest wood ever .. And all the morning I had massive erections for 5 minutes and every 10 minutes.. I even craved some guys in my class and in the bus (I'm gay)..

    I just relapsed because my bf is such a jerk (so I just took a look at a youtube video and pfff).. He keeps fighting with me for nonsense stuff.. I feel so happy I made it this far and I got healthy today (what I felt).. I just wish tomorrow I'm the same beast.. Seriously guys, I've had more erections (all 100%) in 1 morning than I got in the past year (when this started)..

    Guys, keep going.. My process have seemed to be quick and improving day by day.. But this woooorks.. I was in total flatline a couple of days ago and have had 0 libido for more than you can think..

    What has worked with me..

    Not a single thought on porn while doing the reboot
    Love.. If you can sleep with someone just to feel him/her, it really helps rewire your brain (talking to someone you desire, it does help).. If you don't have anyone, just imagine yourself with someone you'd like to be..

    Thanks for reading.. I'm 23 and English is not my first language.. so I hope you understand all
  2. Trev

    Trev New Member

    Hi alejomobog,

    It is indeed crazy shit, I am finding the whole addiction/rebooting process to be quite fascinating and mind-boggling at times - it's definitely the most challenging things I've tried in my life.

    It is good that your progress is quick and improving day by day. If that is how you feel after 15 days, then imagine what 100 days will be like. Someone posted something very similar to that after my experience after 6 days and I find it very motivating to look ahead to my potential feelings after 100 or more.

    No worries about your English, your post seemed clear to me.

    Keep going.
  3. kv22206

    kv22206 New Member


    I did not quite understand how did u relapse? Did u watch porn again? r u having rock hard erections regularly now or not?

    I am 34, and am not having any major improvement since I started except a couple of days or mornign wood (50-60% erect) and a little harder after touching a bit.

    Lets keep that other thread going on "Gay reboot", its good to get a gay perspective too.

    All the best!
  4. Harry

    Harry Guest

    Hello alejomobog,

    Yes, I am also learning to love this refreshed lust. Desensitization from porn seems to make me a little dead. Cravings are a sign of life. Don't let your boyfriend control your reactions. I consider porn as a negative coping habit for stress. Try finding another outlet like music, working out, or journal in this site. Keep trying and keep us posted!
  5. alejomobog

    alejomobog New Member

    I need to keep this journal up-to-date.. Its been such a hard week.. I didn't think this was going to be so difficult.. After I broke up with my bf 2 days ago I've relapsed twice (youtube videos are the trigger, so no more youtube from now on)..

    This was going wonderfullllll.. I felt the best I could in years.. Morning erections in the past three days (rock hard and everlasting) were my everyday bread. I have the feeling this is not going to be the case tomorrow.. But I know this reboot heals, so now, with or without someone I'll heal myself and with God's help..

    To clarify, I was having good erections during the morning, I could even get erections looking at someone I thought handsome. But sometimes during afternoons when I didn't feel horny I was just getting anxious (this is the second trigger to relapse).

    I'll keep on with this.. I know I'm strong enough to beat up all the obstacles, but this has been a hard week..

    So.. Eager to start my day 2 tomorrow
  6. kv22206

    kv22206 New Member

    If he is not showing any support then its a good thing u called it off with your BF. Once you are back on track and keep yourself occupied with something or the other then it doesn't really seem all that difficult. Just focus on work/ studies and it will become second nature to not be thinking about sex or masturbation all the time.

    Even I am getting anxious if I don't feel horny and sometimes start touching myself just to make myself hard but I absolutely don't think of porn, just some of my real sexual experiences. And I want to stop touching myself too. I want to let this flatline period go on for as long as it does. No thoughts of sex is better than constant thoughts of porn and compulsive masturbation. But sometimes I feel very horny and just want to hook up with someone but I know that i will not get a hard on so I just hold back and divert my mind into watching a movie or smthing.

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