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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by orfeox5, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Almost 16 yo male here, you might know me, first of all, I wanna apologize to everyone I have contacted, it is not to cause spam but my anxiety made me do so ! Sorry again.

    Now the important part. I am currently on day 79 of my reboot. I have freaked out couple of months ago when I discovered about PIED, dunno if I had/have it but still decided to give up porn forever and start the reboot. The biggest benefit I have noticed is that my will has never been stronger and I have control over myself .

    There have been flatlines but this cannot be denied. I have become more interested in real girls than before and their bodies seem more attractive to me, even girls that I would say weren't attractive at all now seem to appeal at least a bit to me. Also, I am able to get almost rock hard by fantasizing , NOT PORN RELATED AT ALL, almost every time. Sometimes I guess my junk is more tired than me :) . Today it was the second time this happened since I have started the reboot. I was sitting in the bus and one girl was standing in front of me, wearing shorts. Again, nothing that interesting, just a girl, normal one. Not a model or sth like that. I, like every teenage guy you can imagine, just started looking at her ass and after a while I got erected ! It wasn't the 100% erection but I would rate it 7/10, it could start "the show", if you know what I mean .
    After all being said, I don't know if I have made some progress but still I assume that even if I had PIED, which now I really doubt, it has disappeared (or not fully yet). I am absolutely delighted by how far I have gone and I am not even close to done ! I will make it to 120 days, believe me!
    Please, share what do you think guys. Have things finally fixed themselves or at least begun to ? Maybe I didn't have a problem but I am now thankful to these anxious thoughts because they were the reason I stopped this self-destroying habit. If a 16 years old teenager can do it, everyone can !
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    You are so lucky man. You realised your problem so early and puttong in to improve the things.
    Just pray for me what I also see similar benefits. Currently on day 99
  3. orfeox5

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    I am not sure whether I had PIED when I started my journey but this habit- it was a problem for sure. Now, I think that the PIED theory is broken, as I get erected without porn, just by imagination or real life situations, I assume I don't have it. However, I still feel a bit attracted to porn, so my work is not done until I am completely indifferent to it
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    I was just comparing myself to you.
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