Success almost two years in. PIED is undoubtedly a thing.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Altruism247, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    Yes i should test that stuff out Altruism.
    But about orgasm exhaustion. . Precisely what i asked via pm fugu. :p
    I can understand MO threw you neg emotions. But sex as well.. hmm...

    Limit sex to once in 2 months?
  2. JohnDoe6


    Its a curious problem that orgasms do seem to effect everyone who is recovering. Personally, I find that if I orgasm with my partner too many times then my ED can return along with a lack of libido. I also sometimes find that when we meet up every 2-3 weeks (long distance relationship) I can have issues the first night we spend together but am pretty much fine afterwards. Its almost as if my brain kicks in the 'real person' circuits once they are initiated. Nevertheless; this has also improved with time. For me one of the hardest points is always 1/2 weeks post orgasm where my libido sky rockets and this "energy" pushes me towards my old ways. Do any of you get the same sort of issues?
  3. Kingofqueens89

    Kingofqueens89 New Member

    Yes I have the same thing happen to me. It takes me time to get use to have real partner so by second or third attempt it Becomes easier I think this happens because our brain is still not use to having a female give us stimulation . The high libido after orgasm is the chaser effect if you continue abstinence you will eventually notice the libido Everybody that was a severe porn user is noticing all this effects because of how wired our brains were to porn. This transition to real women will take a long time. I myself have months were I feel I am cured and then flatline hits and progress stalls until after reboot so yea it's a Long road but all of us will make it.
  4. natureboy1209

    natureboy1209 New Member

    I agree with you Fugu, my O's are still fairly wired with porn. They throw me into a flatline. I also go into flatlines sometimes after a rise n libido with no O at all.

    I was a very severe case. I started early and it escalated/rooted quick My P use lasted for ten years as well!
    I have felt the super powers peak once or twice. First one happened around 100 days.. The second around day 150.. They only last for a couple days. They leave due to MO or a semi natural super high libido overload. That results in a less intense flatline period each time.
  5. bossman

    bossman Member

    Fugu, I have experienced that King of the World feeling probably 6-7 times since I started rebooting 2 years ago. It's a feeling of pure bliss and rightness in the world. It mainly happens 6 days after an orgasm, whereas before the short abstinence I had been orgasming regularly. I believe it has something to do with brain chemicals spiking after orgasm. Don't know why it happens, and it definitely doesn't happen after every orgasm for me.

    It usually only lasts a few days for me though, never 75 days straight... Did you have that? hat would definitely be awesome.I've actually had the "superpowers" feeling a few times pretty far into abstinence... Like on day 60 once... I think it's related to wet dreams. I always know the bliss feeling is coming on when I'm listening to music, or talking to someone or doing anything I like really, and I suddenly realize how REAL this feels, compared to the normal foggy feeling I have with everything... Once I realize it's happening, it starts to come on even stronger and I'll literally feel waves of euphoria rushing over me. It's also a feeling of FOCUS. In this zone, I'm way more engaged in whatever I'm doing, my mind is clear, and I can intricately weave my mind around concepts and words at a level I'm not even close to being capable of normally. I get WAY more into conversations... Movies suck me in, and I feel like I'm a character in the movie. Music sounds freakin' AMAZING... Positive emotional vibes are felt; it's really an amazing feeling.

    Not coincidentally, I think, I always have a WD a few days after the "superpowers" feeling starts and that seems to bring me back down, although WD's aren't nearly as bad as waking O's.

    Fugu, maybe PM would be the best place for this but I saw that you've had panic attacks during reboot... Well, I'm experiencing the same thing, but they started 2 years into my reboot attempts. Feel like I'm going to die and the feeling can last for DAYS... Maybe PM me with your experiences with panic attacks. Also, my anxiety is freakin' through the roof most of the time. Does it really get better after a year? On some level, I know it's normal for me because I'm an anxious person anyway but overall, the gloom and doom I feel when feeling withdrawals feels almost bad drug experience induced.

    Good hearing from you again, and we're in this together, man; I swear we're long lost brothers the way our experiences sound so similar!
  6. Altruism247

    Altruism247 New Member

    ^^ Your second paragraph hits the nail on the head. Been up and down for almost 3 years now, with about 25% of it spent in the mindset you described. The other 75% was varying levels of bad. Now, I still only feel great 25% of the time, but the other 75% isn't nearly as bad as it used to be. The other 75 is the part that's been gradually improving since the start of reboot.
  7. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    Thats truth about MO ing and rebooting
  8. heyholetsgo

    heyholetsgo New Member

    My Journey's been so similar to what you describe in this thread. The after affects from the first couple of orgasm after abstaining for 120 days was my worst cognitive state iv'e ever been in. Felt completely drained and couldn't even talk to others. It got better but I still feel that O is setting me in a foggy and distant mode for a couple of days up to a week.

    I've told myself that it's a good thing to keep masturbating like once a week to get over this post orgsam hangover state, but maybe i'm all wrong. Do you think it's better to continue abstaining completely from O?

    I can add that I went from a severe case of PIED to now feeling that I can have strong erections rather easily, but I don't feel totally cured. The superpowers for me came after 90+ days into my reboot from no PMO.

    Good luck to everyone!
  9. Altruism247

    Altruism247 New Member

    I would say the post Orgasm hangover feeling is our brain trying to tell us something. I would say until you really start to feel better, MO is kind of pointless and probably detrimental.

    Once you start to consistently feel good and experience a healthy, realistic libido, you should experiment a little.
  10. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    No experiments for me. Im rather sure we can recover completely long as we dont O at all, but orgasn delays that plan in any case, after i feel better i try sex out...
  11. Altruism247

    Altruism247 New Member

    Random and non-PIED related, but if anyone in here is impacted by music the way I am, please please go pick up Kendrick Lamar's new album. It's brilliant, perfect, and confidence-boosting.
  12. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    I love Kendrick Lamar - everything he does is gold!
  13. damnflatline

    damnflatline New Member

    I'm really glad to see this thread. The similarity between the stories of you guys and mine,got my attention. It's been more than a year(almost 1.5 years) since I last watched porn. I had my last orgasm with my girlfriend 6 months ago, then we broke up and I'm in abstinence since then. But last month was incredible for me. I had a super high libido and it lasted for a very long time. Almost for a month. I never had that feeling for so long before. So I decided to MO last week. I could get hard to my own touch, so I did it again. But I realized that I needed a little bit of fantasy but it certainly wasn't porn fantasy. I fantasized about a co-worker of mine, it was all about smell, romantic words of hers. That was a great feeling, I never had an orgasm like that. I didn't even think of banging her. That's new for me.

    After that orgasm, I think I went into a flatline. But as I recall, my flatlines used to last 2-3 weeks after an orgasm but this time it only lasted 5 days. Now I'm feeling great and horny again. I think I still have performance anxiety and I'm sure that if I try it with a girl, I'll fail on first night. But things will be fine the second night. I can feel it.

    What do you guys think about my reboot?

    P.S. : I'm a social guy, never had issues talking to girls or flirting with them.
  14. Altruism247

    Altruism247 New Member

    As I continue to get better, I'll share things I think many of you could benefit from.

    Above is a link to one of my favorite podcasts, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour. His episodes with Pete Holmes are the best. Holmes even makes a reference to PIED about halfway through the interview. Check it out, but not just for that; the whole conversation is thought provoking, enlightening, and stress relieving as their conversation can make you consider some of your problems differently. NOTE: If you want to skip the commercials/rants, the convo starts a little before 30 minutes in.
  15. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Any updates on guys from this thread? I get mini flatlines from orgasm too still, sometimes severe withdrawal symptoms, but they usually only last a few days. Curious about how everyone is doing.
  16. Altruism247

    Altruism247 New Member

    I am doing quite well! As I've said in another thread, I feel about 90-95% myself. It's interesting though, because it might be much less than that, I've just been so low over the past couple years that my perception is different. I might still have months and months of improvements to make. There is no doubt, though, that I continue to achieve "milestone" moments of joy. Whether it's just a moment at the park or lying in bed listening to music, once every month or two I have a thought of "This is the best I have felt since this stuff started."

    Just like with PAWS for hard drugs, my symptoms are lessening significantly in duration, frequency and severity. The up and down thing still happens but it's like instead of bouncing between 30% and 5%, it's now between 60-90%, if that makes sense. Lows are higher, and the highs are higher as well.

    I hope you're continuing to see improvements as well!
  17. UpendiT

    UpendiT Member

    Hey! Your symptoms are a lot like mine and I am also slowly recovering as well :) That 1% better at a time part is spot on. You feel bad, but never as bad as you were before.

    I tried to tell Borges08 about my story since he has similar symptoms and feels hopeless, but others told him he needs professional help. Honestly, I think anyone would be depressed when they have had ED/numbness their whole adult life. I'm really not sure what a therapist is going to do about that. But, alas... I got called irresponsible and childish.

    Anyway, thanks for making this thread and I'm glad you made it out.
  18. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    That makes a LOT of sense to me, my friend. I have experienced exactly what you are referring to many times, but I guess I am also specifically interested in how orgasms are treating you guys. No chaser anymore, no O hangover for a week?

    I'm just worried that when I end this reboot I'm going to get a bad chaser or withdrawal symptoms will come back. I really shouldn't worry, because I know this all works and I trust in the process 100%. Maybe I'm just scared to death of going back to porn. No, I definitely am that.
  19. UpendiT

    UpendiT Member

    Just my observation, a quick and intense MO doesn't seem to set me back much if at all, but even a bit of edging will absolutely.

    I think sex was meant to be quick and intense, satisfying... and then go on with your day! No long sex sessions. I know pupular culture seems to promote that, but I think it is bad for you.
  20. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Very interesting observation, Upend. My experience is the same with edging, it's quite evil in it's effects (big part of my addiction), I do think that long sex sessions will be fine eventually, but perhaps early in a reboot it's too much stimulation. Something to experiment with for certain!

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