Substances that may help craving symptoms

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    To save time I'll just let anyone interested do their own searches for research papers on the efficacy of these products on addiction/cravings. Unfortunately I have read so much but hardly ever bookmark anything. Of course if you know of other products that may help us feel free to add them.

    N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

    Must be taken with glycine. If you do some research you will find out how powerful this stuff is for different uses. Though, you may be just as well off taking oral glutathione.

    Even though it doesn't have to do with addiction, I'd recommend reading the March 25th/2019 entry of Josh Mitteldorf's blog (which is awesome, been reading it for years).

    (Also of interest to us)

    I'd recommend taking this substance for overall health (especially if you're older) even if it it didn't help with cravings. But anecdotally, I think it may, as well I like the way it feels at larger doses (1000mg 2x daily), it makes me feel more calm than any other product I've used marketed for anxiety (theanine, ashwagandha etc)

    Vitamin D3

    Anecdotally, For a LONG time I've been going for about the same number of days before relapsing. A couple months ago I started taking D3 (5000 iu/day) just for general health (did not at that time know that D3 might be used for lowering cravings) for a while and then stopped for reasons I won't get into here. During that time I stopped drinking and PMO relapsing and blew way past my regular number of days. Would I have made it further if I didn't stop taking D3? Who knows. But in the years of abstaining from PMO, there have been times where I made it much further than normal, and during that time I have sporadically used D3 at higher doses, This last time I was pondering what it might have been that allowed me to do so well, and the connection popped up in my head and that's what led me to this research.

    Low-dose Naltrexone

    Unfortunately, you need a prescription for this (at least in my country), but there is lots of research on it for addiction. Check out all it's other myriad uses and you may find one that your doctor would be willing to prescribe it based on it's overall benign safety record (as far as I can see).

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