Stumble in addiction - or all over again? :(

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by ShakerS, Jan 26, 2023.

  1. ShakerS

    ShakerS New Member

    I've been abstinent from porn for 3 months now. But today, unfortunately, I stumbled because the sexual tension in my head was great. Will this slip ruin the entire 3 months of work?
  2. BackOnTrack

    BackOnTrack Active Member

    Just a bit.
    But it's not the same as before, as you slipped once and before it was most likely a habit of doing it every day, so it cannot be compared.
    I had DE when watching porn every day, now even if I slip I don't have DE, because I don't watch porn every day mulitple times.

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