[Study] Too frequent orgasm DOES lower testosterone

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by much-noise, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson Active Member

    I see all that. Have seen it for years - and have addressed it numerous times. But this thread was not about androgen receptors. A few thoughts:

    1) First and foremost - It's not all androgen receptors. The decline occurs only in a few selected regions of the reward circuit (deep in the brain). The androgen receptors on hair follicles, vocal cord, and voice box cartilages would have to be affected. No evidence for that and no available mechanism for ejaculation to have a direct effect on all androgen receptors, everywhere in the body.

    2) Deeper voice cannot be caused by either an increase in testosterone or androgen receptors because testosterone causes a deepening by thickening the vocal ligaments and enlarging the cartilages in your voicebox. This takes a long time, and would manifest as a larger voice box. Lower voices are reported in a few days to weeks. I suspect relaxing of the hyoid muscles, thus lower the position the voice box. In addition, guys report that their low voice vanishes when they relapse.

    3) Increased hair is one reported benefit, but it is extremely rare. We also hear of increased hair on the head, which should involve lowered testosterone. How do you explain away opposing androgen effects?

    Just like I said in the FAQ you linked to - It is possible that hormones (rarely assessed or unknown) are affected by porn addiction. I'm hesitant to suggest that "high levels of ejaculation" cause long term changes in circulating hormones, because because of the many reasons cited above...and many more.

    However, Porn addiction could affect regions of the hypothalamus and thus hormones or brain stress systems. Pure speculation. Or porn addiction and everything associated with it (isolation, anxiety, poor relationships, etc) could alter the brains stress response, alter adrenal gland hormones - and affect many systems, including hair growth.
  2. zombieguy

    zombieguy New Member

    I know lots of zinc is lost during ejaculation and that zinc is important for producing testosterone.
  3. breath

    breath Active Member

    age? fitness habits? sleep/rest?

    were these considered!?

    I think i've read that lower reps heavier weights tend to foster testosterone production.

    Also while I think I may have over masturbated somewhat for most of my life... At 50 I find if I've had a few days off of O I have more chi. If I have just one O and am not sleep deprived, I'll be pretty much OK... but if I have a high performance day at work better no O at all.. Two in a row I gotta rest up.. can be bad news if I get really busy.

    Further, if I rest and exercise i can cheat this ... to a moderate extent. Orgasms were dirt cheap before the age of 30. not at 50 though
  4. coolmusti

    coolmusti Go hard or go home

    Where they bald as well? Balding guys like myself who loose hair rapidly at young age are oozing with testosterone big brother. This study is load of jack bull horse manure. My dht level was two times over the reference range 2025 (range 200-800).
  5. much-noise

    much-noise New Member

    OK mr bull horse lion shark pit bull lion garbage. I can see you want some attention by your post count in this thread. So how frequently did you masturbate at most, and what was your test/DHT level when you were masturbating that much and how high was it a while after you quit?
  6. coolmusti

    coolmusti Go hard or go home

    Most likely in the 1000 range, I do calisthenics 3 times a week, 10% body fat. Also my cortisol levels are low, proof that my test is high. Dht suppresses cortisol as well. Testosterone makes one aggressive by suppressing the fear startle stress hormone. That's causes a rise in blood sugar that turns the average man into a fat dumping machine.
  7. JerseyJay911

    JerseyJay911 New Member

    1) Point taken, but I am still curious what the repercussions of the decline of the testosterone receptors mean.
    2) The releaxing of the throat muscles does seem like a plausible idea, but as to the why? I believe it has to do with your body being a more relaxed state. When the body is in a constant fight or flight state (which happens when you O frequently), muscles tend to tighten up involuntarily, and the throat muscles suffer as a result..
    3) Actually increased hair is more correlated with increased testosterone. It's a widespread myth that T harms hair. Low T is what harms hair, but I don't believe anybody on this board suffers from that. The fappers who experience hairloss have burned out adrenals (which are responsible for sending the fight or flight signals). This also results in high stress for the body and as a result, anxiety increases, and blood goes away from the brain and into the muscles (most likely what causes brain fog).

    Gary, believe it or not- I was arguing the same point you were. I was simply pointing out that symptoms of low T may be present due to weakened T receptors. This was part theory, but what I said in points #2 and #3 are very much fact based.

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