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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by BusinessBike, Jun 21, 2021.

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    I am trying to stop PMO. But in 2 times I could be in without PMO about 3-4 days. In 3rd day I am getting remembered about previously watched video. That is happened when I watch TV, there was a girl and I am getting remembered that there was a girl like her in that previously watched porn video. I try my best to forget it. But it is really hard. That feeling is torturing my mind.

    When the urge is high, my heartbeat is increasing and feels like fever (sometimes body is shaking) because my mind want to watch that video and do PMO. I can't get attention to my studies and to any work. After do PMO I feel depressed about fapping. Then I can back to my works.

    I have already disabled Instagram and Facebook.

    I really want to get out from PMO. I really felt better in nofap days. Nofap days were the best days in my life.

    Please advice me.
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    That is pretty typical. 3-4 days is very often the max for people at the start. Usually it is because that is the limit of the "white knuckle" approach. To get past those humps you need to figure out the triggers. The more triggers you have, the more that heart rate goes up and the the more your willpower gets depleted. The goal is to not have to use the white knuckle will power as a main line of defense. Sometimes the triggers are sexual, and those are the obvious ones. If you developed any proclivities/fetishes during your porn addiction, stuff related to that is usually the most intense. Other times they're emotional or even just parts of your daily routine. You can't get rid of all of the triggers, but sometimes just realizing that something is a trigger and being able to call it out can work wonders. It sounds stupid and like something a TV therapist in a sweater vest would say, but it really works.
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    That's pretty normal when you're at the very beginning of quitting porn. Back when I started my reboot I had the exact same symptoms as you, best described by some of the members here at the time as getting possessed by a porn demon. One thing that helped me out was using filters. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly is calming knowing you can't access the porn as easily by putting some kind of blockage in the way. It also gives you a chance to close your eyes and take some deep breaths until the cravings subside, but then you really have to be mindful, especially if you're on a device connected to the internet.
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    I'm new on this board, it's one of the very few posts I'm reading (checking the new posts first). I remember that I did a "nofap" journey some time ago (10 years plus? ...) on another board that probably doesn't exist anymore where you got ranks the more days you had (receiving some nice dopamine in exchange).
    The triggers are everywhere. From touching the croutch while doing something totally unrelated to PMO, a habit I guess ...

    The following hits hard :

    Some shapes, even a specific skin "texture/color" of a woman is a trigger ...

    No kidding, the rewiring is a long and hard journey, but so worth it.

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