Struggling for time (200+ days of no PMO)

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by VeniVidiVici, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. gameover

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    I think its great that your meeting girls, not necessarily turning them down and they seem to be keen to meet and hang out. I guess qhen your ready for sex you wont have any issue finding a girl but maybe you need a girl your really keen on for your ED to get better
  2. VeniVidiVici

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    True, thing is however that I feel kinda weird and awkward meeting 1 on 1 with girls I'm simply not that into, if all.. And yeah I totally agree my ED would get better with I girl I like, but then again, until I find me one of those it might still be beneficial to still just try to get with a girl every now and then.
  3. Barneybarn

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    Hey Veni, I just caught up with your journal.
    It's good that you have the ability to "woooooo" girls and that they also want to keep meeting up.
    The erection quality will get better, but I also agree with gameover that it will prolly be no problem at all when you have the chance with the right girl.
    Reboot and rewire,
  4. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

    Yup, too bad they don't grow on trees though.. ;)
  5. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    Hey friend! Just caught up with your journal. Sounds like you are doing great. From my experiences recently it's important for us younger guys to remember the importance of slow patient rewiring with a woman...everyone's story is a little different, but that's my best advice for any relationship!
  6. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

    Cheers fugu, had relationships both ways, and I don't really feel there is one way that is better than another. But yeah rewiring is very important I do feel.
  7. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

    Day 246-254

    So the last week was another booze induced week. I finished my thesis, so hopefully if everything works out I'll be done with my undergrad in the coming weeks. A friend of mine left to go back overseas. So all that made it a week full of parties and drinking. During the weekend at one point, I wingmaned a friend of mine by jumping the 'grenadish' friend. Turned out the other one had a boyfriend, but I was stuck with the other one. Both girls left somewhat early but the one I had hooked up with gave me her number. Later that night my friend was just way too drunk to carry on, so I sent him home. At that point I was a bit bored and not really feeling sleepy, so sent a message to the girl from earlier. Shouldn't have done that, wasn't even into her.. On top of that I was drunk so kinda halfway during foreplay I just passed out. Needless to say the girl wasn't impressed the next morning.. That was last Saturday.

    Ever since I have moderated my going out behavior somewhat and caught up with some friends I hadn't meet up with for some time. Was good to hear some different angles than the angles I get from my more regular friends. Conclusion of it all is, I don't really mind sleeping around a bit, but I still really prefer to properly date a girl and give my full 100% for that. Just really need to find a girl worth that and for some reason I have been looking in all the wrong places.

    The Supreme's song 'You can't hurry love' just keeps playing in my head.. ugh

    Apart from that I have been MO'ing every now and then, sometimes with some P. I still feel that my reaction to P is far stronger than it used a year ago, so that is progress. I still feel I need to abstain from P again for some time, just to make sure I can jump the final hurdles.
  8. baywalker

    baywalker Active Member

    Right on man!

    Love will come when you are ready for it. Universe is of infinite resources, no need to hurry anything lol. Good to see the progress man, keep it up!
  9. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

    Thanks baywalker! :)
  10. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

    Day 255

    So went out with some friends last night, it turned into a drunk fest. Picked up a girl, but again couldn't really get hard. Getting really tired of it all. I think I'm going back to the total no PMO mode, see if that will bring me better results. On top of that I will try to eat healthier again and work out more.
  11. 90days

    90days New Member

    Read a part of your journal, and really, have you ever thought about taking an IQ test?
  12. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

  13. 90days

    90days New Member

    Because i actually thing you have a HIQ, reading your journal. Most people that are HIQ ignore that they are.
  14. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

    High IQ you mean? Yeah I actually have a pretty high IQ, haven't done a proper test in forever though, so really wouldn't know. Had a personality/intelligence test during my childhood though, and that said I was 'highly gifted.' But why is this important?
  15. 90days

    90days New Member

    Well, i'm very hight IQ, member of Mensa, Triple Nine and so on. It seems that HIQs are especially affected by PIED and heavy porn user in general. I'm actually searching why, and i recently discovered a few points, but anyway, it was just to know, and if you didn't know, make you know you could be one. You know, many people ignore it and struggle their whole life. Anyway, good fight against the Beast.
  16. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

    I know IQ can lead to addictive behavior, what else have you discovered?
  17. 90days

    90days New Member

    Well, more or less it's all about endocrynology : all HIQ are almost all heavily endocrinally unbalanced. I've read a few French documents about a discipline called Endocrino-psycology, which is totally unknown elsewhere. Based at first by the works of a man which lived on the period of Freud, those therapist (generally biologists) have constructed a theory which explains the individual psychology by the Endocrine system. I suspect them to be a bit charlatans on the cure for it, but the diagnosis it seems more than logical, in the sense that it brings us back leading disciplines forgotten because of the politically correct . In fact, they explains well all the whole HIQ and VHIQ thing indirectly: why there are so many Gays among IQ people (too early endocrine dysfunction, for many reason heavily related to be HIQ , notably for some too early fapping), why they are often socially socially unable (overwhelming sexual desires, which lead to you know what, an in consequence to this - that's actually how i discovered the fact that PMO is shit) and also why HIQ are often constantly stressed. I've done more than a few biology in my High School years, and i've studied their researches and they seems to me extremely logical and meaningful . Synthesising I could say that they explain how HIQ are unlogically honests, are overrepresented in addicted populations and are generally shy with women but less in general.
  18. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

    Hmm ok interesting angle. I am not enough of a psycho- or biologist to be able to comment on the theories, but the thing I always encountered was overthinking a lot of things, sometimes called analysis paralysis. And had trouble sometimes questioning whether I would follow my gut feeling or think it over. The gut feeling in this could be hormonic and thus related to the endocrine system.

    Most important question however still remains: How can we help ourselves and other people with this possible diagnosis?
  19. 90days

    90days New Member

    More or less, i'd say that just knowing it helps most people first. Knowing that they're here not casually or by the inclement strike of the faith helps a lot. About you, first, have you ever read T.S. Eliot? Totally out of discussion, but still very interesting. I think his "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" represents quite well HIQ paralysis, but well.

    Most people are in denial or in refusal. They were not well accepted in their youth because they were too smart, and they have like buried their capacities and their personally to refutes. That causes a big buried (again) depression, which in fact doesn't help them. This first. The MAIN problem that i can see about sexuality of HIQ is about their relation to themselves and to their bodies. All HIQ, to a level or another, suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem because of many many reasons , and this is one of their problem. Lot of them, indirectly, because of this lack of confidence, think that they will never have a girl or be happy and bring them to porn, or even worse. I've know for example a HIQ that was in a full self-destruction mood and declared with the most innocent feeling of the world that he became gay because he wanted to destroy himself . I've also known a lot of HIQ suffering from ED - ya, we're weird guys talking about everything between us -( and now, i'm guessing if not mainly right thinking those are PIED) and being totally desperate by their impossibility to heal in any way. This can't be cured if not by an acknowledgement of the self-hating mood that every HIQ have inside in some way. What is weird, that some people refuses to do that by getting into antiracist/extreme left organisations, which is more than quite uncommon among HIQ - rather conservative, high percentage of extreme right/ right-wing ecologist/Alter-globalization supporters- to support in a certain mood their self-hate.

    Generally, by just an endocrine point of view, the point is very simple : stop PMO will bring a greater results than average people. As well, but this should not be limited to HIQ guys and girls, people should stop eating shit, including Fast food, GMO, non-bio products because that truly fucks up endocrine system badly. We should all be in a supra-ecology trip.
  20. VeniVidiVici

    VeniVidiVici New Member

    I've only read Four Quartets by Eliot, I will look into the other piece. When I read your description I feel it only half applies to me, because I can't really see any truly self-destructing actions within my past. I also don't believe that I will never have a girl. It took me a while to overcome shyness and underconfidence when it comes to girls, but I think I'm pretty solid now on the girls part. It's just the sex bit, that still obviously isn't up to scraps. Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

    The depression bit however might be true, since I know I have a lot of capabilities, but find it hard sometimes to figure out how and where I can put them to use. (Getting closer to graduating hasn't really helped in this sense.) I also encountered periods within my childhood during which I felt somewhat misunderstood and thus took a step back and became more of a observer than a middle figure.

    On the last paragraph, I do agree, and try to eat as healthy as possible, sometimes a bit of a slip up, but in general I try to eat a healthy diet.

    What is really interesting to me however is the balance between the mind and the endocrine system, I've been told by girls before that I seem somewhat stuck in my head while getting intimate. I feel that has to with anxiety, caused by inexperience on the one hand, but certainly also with my fear of giving in to the impulses of my hormonal system. (This might also come from the fact that my hormonal system is a bit screwed, might it come to PMO, to not living healthy enough, or the HIQ stuff.) What follows then is, are there any ways to bring everything more in balance? Due to meditation or eating certain foods or something along those lines maybe...

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