Strange Recurring Dreams in the Flatline

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    Hey all,

    I'm new here but a long time lurker. I actually went over a year without porn and relapsed this past December on and off until realizing I needed to start fresh two months ago. Now I'm doing hard mode. This is important because in the past when I quit porn I never fully abstained from masturbation or orgasm, just porn. I also had several sexual partners through this period. While this was fine, I feel that I didn't reap the full benefits that a hard mode reboot would have given me. I think healing can be a lot slower when you don't go all in at least for 90 days minimum. I want the sexual energy and health I know I'm supposed to have at my age and I want to do everything to get back there.

    Anyway, some additional context, I wanted to know if anyone can relate to this experience I've been having. I'm 24 days into hard mode now, 42 without porn. The first week or two I was pretty horny but now I've been in a flatline for about 3 weeks. I have morning wood every now and then and occasionally I'll get horny in the morning but that's about it. I can feel my brain changing back to it's youthful sexuality. Maybe that's placebo but I do feel like I'm shedding some old skin somehow. Lately, I've had some recurring dreams that fascinate me and frustrate me.

    The dream is always different in terms of the context but the basic premise is the same. I come into contact with a beautiful woman in my dream. Usually she is exactly my type and someone I would found extremely attractive in real life. We become involved romantically and then we start making out. Usually we get as far as taking off our clothes and we're about to have sex and then a few things will happen. Either she will disappear, I will need something and come back and she is gone, or I can't get the condom on in time (sometimes due to ED) and I wake up. Usually I wake up right after the sex doesn't happen. I've had this dream before in the past during the reboot maybe once or twice, but this week alone now I've had it 3 times! Has anyone experienced this kind of dream? I'm not one for in depth dream analysis but I wonder what it all means.

    I'd really like to have a wet dream. I haven't had one since I was 13 and now I'm 25. It's immensely bizarre and frustrating to get so close to this in my dreams and then just wake up.

    Anyway, closing, have you ever had dreams like this? When did you get your first wet dream? Will I ever get one?
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