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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Stever, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Stever

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    How fantastic to have found this forum! Just when I thought staying away from PMO, I've realized how much - too much - time I spend on the internet.

    I've been thinking for a while on how to stop this. The problem is I have such an addictive nature. I am addicted to the emotional hit that I get from internet conversations. It's like when I had facebook, and I had one of those +1 updates from my friends. But I think as a part of the maturation I'm undergoing by getting over my PMO addiction, I need to stop being so dependent on the affirmation and acknowledgement of others.

    As I write this, I'm sitting beside a bookshelf full of books that I've bought, read maybe 10 pages of, and then put back on the shelf to go back to the internet. I don't want this. I want to read this bookshelf I have. So I have to choose.

    I wish I could just use the internet strategically. I go on just with the intention of checking my email, and maybe checking my no fap threads, but then I just start reading other things, then I put on the music in the background (which I think is also a bad habit, to have music blaring in the background), and before I know it 4 hours have gone by.

    So here's my plan for that. I have a challenge that I'm going to embark on for 1 week, and then I will reassess afterwards, to see if I can use the internet better at home and not waste hours surfing and reading stuff that I don't really need nor even want to read. I'm only going to go on the internet at the library at my university (I live off campus). There, I will only go to my email, my no fap threads, and any other necessary school related research. When I come home, I will only use one absolutely essential website, a translation website I need to do French work. I will take this as seriously as my no PMO. I think I need the same kind of clarity that getting away from PMO has given me from getting rid of my terrible internet usage habits.

    Wish me luck, here's to going cold turkey for a week!
  2. J.P.

    J.P. Active Member

    Best of luck to you!

    Using the internet is fine, but using it for no good reason for many hours on end definitely sucks, I know how you feel.

    I think music is ok, just as long as it isn't helping to fuel the internet addiction, which in your case, it certainly seems to.

    Hope by the time you read this you're a week internet-free.
  3. moss

    moss Member

    I am exactly the same, so I feel for you. It seems so hard to quit though, especially being tempted all the time as I work from home and need the internet for all of my work. :( I hope you can to through with it.
  4. The cold turkey week will help, but its so easy to fall right back into the trap.
    Im still sort of doing this, i dont even have internet at home, but every time i get to the library to do my surfing (about 5 times a week for 2 hours) i end up doing mindless random browsing and often forget to do the things i was supposed to do on the internet.
    Old internet habits die really really hard.
  5. r1111

    r1111 Guest

    I used Maniac Time to track my time on the computer. I have used it recently for about 4-9 hours a day (not including the time I spent on other computers/phone). Now I ask myself questions regarding why I am using the internet and what I plan to use it for instead of mindlessly turning on the computer. Do note I was active the whole 9+ hours (my maximum time on the internet in one day in the last week!).

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