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What other compulsive behaviors besides your porn addiction that you had to cut out?

  1. Social media, reddit, and other scrolling sites.

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  2. Youtube, Netflix, and other entertainment

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  3. Smoking

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  4. video games

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  1. stinkerdinker25

    stinkerdinker25 New Member

    Day 38
    So another day under the books. I achieved one goal today, I didn't relapse, and that's it. I made the mistake of checking my e-mail first thing in the morning and that started a chain of events in that I ended up on the internet for the rest of the day binge watching videos on YouTube, most of them stimulating my mind, but it was binge watching nonetheless, again, scarfing down information without tasting what I'm eating.

    I am remaining steadfast at least to the bare minimums, which is don't relapse. I have blockers on my internet browser to help me with that, but I've found it fairly easy to avoid porn, but internet distraction and information addiction, that's whole other can of worms. I would like to ask some of you if you've found this to be a problem in your recovery. That is, replacing your porn habit with other compulsive internet use to try and satiate that desire. I find myself addicted to lethargy more than anything else.

    I'm wondering what I can possibly do to remedy the problem. I suppose scheduling in time for internet use into my day would be the best option. An hour a day at a given time to review questions and answer feedback from you lot, as well as make new posts and catch up with my accountability partner, that seems to be the best course of action.
    I'm done my term for University and I'm looking for work for the summer, so I have a lot of downtime. I find the more time we have to work with the more time we tend to waste on mediocre and time consuming nonsense, at least that rule definitely applies to me.
    I find when I'm working a full time job, or studying at University, I get a lot more extracurricular stuff done on the side than I do when I have nothing to do. Well, you never really have nothing to do, that space can always be filled up with something productive.
    I'm only learning now the value of a schedule. I've never really followed one in my life, other than the ones that have been laid out for me in school and the like. Making a schedule for myself is something I could have used in my first term in University, it was hell trying to keep track of assignments when I was only using the information that was in my head to navigate.

    Anyway, that's enough rambling for today, I want to know from all of you, what, if any compulsive habits did you pick up after you gave up porn that you had to get rid of as well in your recovery? Much gratitude for answering the question if you do.


  2. Chosen Undead

    Chosen Undead Active Member

    Man, over the past few years I have been cutting back on all my vices. At this point, I've cut out video games, social media (including YouTube), and other mindless entertainment. I just have one more vice to take care of...

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