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    Day 37

    It's becoming a little bit easier now to avoid urges, and I'm only five days away from breaking my record. I will be tempted once that day forty two comes to say fuck it and have a binge session, but that shit is not going to happen. I will remain steadfast in my journey to a porn free life. I have cut out the alternative internet distractions for today. I visited with my buddies that I used to be in a highschool band with, and we wrote some music and I shared my story of quitting internet porn. I showed them Gary Wilson's infamous TED talk, and they were pretty impressed with the scale of the problem. Many laughs were had when he mentioned not being able to find a control group of young men who haven't used internet porn. It's a sad truth that no young man will go through life without being exposed to the scourge of online filth.

    We had some interesting conversations about how distracting the internet is, and how difficult it is to not binge watch digital media. We all agreed that it's far too easy to become lost in the cyber world of internet distractions and days can waste away with mind numbing scrolling and clicking, searching for cheap dopamine hits, whether it's with porn or with Netflix. We talked about how useful it is to keep a schedule, and each of us are implementing it to great effect in our lives. Things are changing for us, and our lives are becoming more goal oriented and actualized when we stick to a strategy and follow a plan. They are in a band right now and will be playing their first gig in the beginning of June, I will definitely go see it. I'm really impressed with the music they've put together so far.

    I made progress today with my self-talk journal, part of my reboot regimen. Many positive words were scrawled onto the lines of the page. I am completing my second journal entry of the day. One journal of positive thought channeling in the morning and one of my progress of the day in the evening, which I post on here. Just a summary of the day's unfolding as it happened.

    I have yet to do my comedy writing of the day, I plan on getting a minimum of eight hours of writing in this week. I only started that forecast today, I had an idea it was in my wheelhouse on Monday, but as usual, if I don't write it down, it won't get done. If it's just in my head, forget about it, it's going nowhere. My blog is getting some traffic now, my e-mail is blowing up with people who like my posts, and I'm getting some headway with the commentary of the no-PMO journey.

    Anyway, that is all for today, got to get my comedy stylings down on paper for the next two hours, peace and good will to you all, and the best of luck on your journey,


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