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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by cesttlavie, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Hi guys , im from VietNam where nobody know about PIED even doctors in a famous hospital .

    i have MO for more than 10 years .3-4 for internet porn since I moved to bigger city for studying university .

    before PIED i have serious PE ( 1 minutes ) but im perform well in 2nd round :D ( 30-50 min ) .

    I also have checked everything , blood test , penis's blood flow . and it's ok . And i know that im have PIED ( im quite worry if that is not PIED ) .

    Im can having sex without PE ( i can last 10-15 minutes , but i just stroke slowly , i think i have practice more ) . I can last how long i want in the second round , and my erection is realy good :D .
    MY gf say that she is more happy when having sex with me now , more experience , more skill . more focus on her feeling .

    All thing u need that is an steady gf . In my PIED time , i stay decide stay in the hard mode when i start my reboot . we have kiss , hug , i make her cum by my mouth , my hand .

    in the 15 day , i decide to try to have sex , i still have PE at 1st round , but im ready and good at 2nd round .

    But it throw me back . I cant have morning wood the next day and i know that im not cured yet .

    I keep going on hard mode for 3 month and one day , i decide to have sex to check if i cured or not . and unbelievable , i dont have PE , im rock hard in the 2 nd round , i make her cum for several time . :D . What a best gift for the lunar new year :D .
    I have a romantic valentine . have sex 2 time :D ( 10 min for the first and 40 min for the second one ) . Today , we have some disagreement and i try to sorry by making her cum for several times and she very happy :D . We do it 2 time . It still good . My erection now is good :D . Im better now . Have to say that i feel as i reborn .

    I have wet dream every week , it's natural , so dont worry about it .

    here are my tips to get over PIED .

    DONT fantasize about sex ( the main reason )

    DOnt think about sex , u will know u can have sex again when u ready .
    Try not to stay up late . Go to bed before 11h30 pm or 12 .
    Focus on working , treat ur gf well . Spend time with her as much as u can .
    Be patient .

    Im willing to answer any question ( sorry for my bad english )
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    Awesome story! You're English is very understandable, congratulations!!!
  3. gameover

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    congrats man. unfortunately though a gf isnt always an option for most guys here so its a shame you feel that was a key factor.
  4. Drpepper0

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    Well done bro. Jealous!

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