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    Hello everyone.

    I'm starting (or better say rebooting) a 60 days challenge of NoFap after having relapsed recently.

    I'm 18 and i discovered the pornograhpy at the age of 13 (sometimes i really curse that day) and i've been addicted to porn from almost those 5 years. It started with a tomorrow in which i was alone at home and now it has become a problem that doesn't allow me to do things like concetrate, study, improve my social relantionships and it really makes me waste valuable time that i rellay want to use to improve myself and build my future.

    From the past year i've been trying to overcome this addiction, my maximum achiviement is 30 days, but everytime i complete those 30 days i relapse and the addiction "gets back to life" to restart destroying my life.

    I've signed up to this forum because i feel that i really need a site where i could tell my progress and share with experience with others. Also, i believe that this site and all the advices you could say to me will be a motivation that i'll need to overcome these f*****g life suckers called porn and masturbation.

    PD: I'm Christian, i trust in God and i will trust in the people he has sent to help me overcome the porn: You.

    God bless you all!
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