Speed Up Healing, Protect The Brain During Relapse, Ease Withdrawals

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by 40New30, Sep 18, 2014.

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    All plants foods should be eaten, but especially blueberries, ginger, turmeric...flax seeds, and fatty fish are also invaluable, think paleo and anti-inflammatory diets. Grass fed butter, and cage free eggs.

    If loads of pills healed heal you, would you take them?

    Personally, I prefer what works, I've tried pharmaceuticals (antidepressants) and they work somewhat with bad side effects, I've tried adjusting diet, it works very well, I've tried supplements (pills), they work well too. Combining the two is synergistic and can give us the extra help our burnt out receptors need.

    Our brains need extra help, and if that means taking uridine, piracetam, and choline in addition to eating berries, then I'm on board, can't see why anyone wouldn't be.
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    I just stick to a healthy diet, exercise and vitamin c pills....I am a firm believer in you have to experience the bad to enjoy the good.....I hate taking medication as id rather let my body fight instead of filling it with drugs....

    Maybe its because of femdom but i enjoy the feeling of getting tattoos, or when i am injured..the way the body heals is amazing...i like to experience the pain so i can be mindful of it and the sensation of when it is gone...you really appreciate how complex our minds and bodies are...

    I am responsible for what i have done to my body and my brain because of my porn use....i refuse to blame society or the internet..
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    I'm on Wellbutrin and xanax from the doc, and I also enjoy experimenting with supplements. Latest is a combination of selenium, milk thistle, and a cinnamon and chromium complex. They help detox the liver (the selenium and MT), which aids in blood glucose control, and the cinnamon and chromium aid in blood sugar control, too.

    Controlling blood sugar is vital to ensure good weight as well as mood.

    Also if I remember to take them sometimes I take D3 and inositol.
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    I'd like to report that high dose fish oil + turmeric + black pepper has sharpened my brain amazingly in the last week.

    I have the "awake" feeling I used to get from taking Wellbutrin without the side effects.

    In addition I included berries, and green tea.

    Guys, that's great that you're interested in doing things naturally, I suggest trying some of the things that have shown results in neurogenesis, like the ones I've mentioned here on this thread.

    Neurogenesis is greatly inhibited by junk food and alcohol abuse…it is accelerated by aerobic exercise and meditation. You're got your blueprint!
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    little_rabbit, all of the changes that I've made have been backed up by scientific studies.

    I KNOW black pepper played a role because studies show that black pepper makes curcumin in turmeric 2000% more bioavailable than without! Eating turmeric with a fat source (fish oils) also makes it many times more bioavailable. If you do a Google search you'll find more information about all this.

    I'm not doing this willy nilly, I'm implementing things which have had studies done and have shown to be of benefit to the brain, neurogenesis, neuro-protection, depression, plasticity, D2 receptors and so on.

    Also, there is no magic bullet, you will also need exercise, meditation, socialization, and active learning to put the substances into action to create more plasticity and regeneration. They all work together.

    If you want to experiment on yourself, you can subtract somethings and see how you feel, but, I'm not sure why you'd want to limit yourself.
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    what form and how do you take black pepper?
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    I just eat it all up, but I'm whack. Others might want to buy curcumin pills already mixed with piperine.
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    Sorry, but that's just not true …why do you think we test on rodents? For shits and giggles? No, it's because our
    brains are very similar and we're looking to learn things that we can apply to ourselves.

    Read this:


    Listen, you can look for all the reasons in the world not to try something or disbelieve, I research, and then I try things. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and I've been on enough drugs to know the different between placebo and non placebo.

    I'm telling people that I read the research, I've tried this and it's working for me. Take it or leave it, I'm not telling anyone this will work for them, but it might. You don't know unless you try.

    Many of the studies I pulled have done human trials as well, such as with turmeric. I'm not pulling this out of my ass, try it…or don't.
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    Gee thanks. professor.

    You completely duck the point I make about human studies (of which there are plenty regarding turmeric/fish oil) and also totally miss the point the thread. I didn't make any conclusions, I presented evidence (with links to articles) so that people can learn about the possibilities out there, take what they want and try things, if they choose to. I also posted my own observations.

    This is a thread on a porn addict forum not the New England Journal of Medicine, knucklehead.

    No offense, but you don't know how to make a coherent argument, I suggest you take a course on logic, and stop trolling my thread.
  10. Could someone simplify this for me.. I try to stay away from supplements as much as possible so any natural food sources that can help?
    BTW I don't eat red meat viz. Beef, lamb, mutton, pork or deer/stag.
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    Tell me, why would you avoid supplements? You realize our food is nutritionally low with factory farming and demineralized soils, right? Our brains need extra help that other brains don't, we need to heal a broken brain.

    Blueberries, turmeric, flax, ginger, fatty fish (salmon), chocolate (no sugar), is a start. Don't eat processed fake foods, organic is better.

    Since you don't eat red meat, you could be low on b12 and zinc.
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    Yes, another study involving mammals other than humans. In mice, high fat diets increased d2 receptor density…now if I was going to apply this to a porn addict recovery program, I'd increase my fats and make them the so called "good fats"….olive, coconut, fish, avocado, grass fed butter, flax.

    Personally, I'm increasing my good fats a lot, and I've noticed huge boosts in memory, and uplift in mood. Omega 3's are of the utmost importance.
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    Abstinence is the top of the list of things that help, but all the things listed in this thread do help get through the withdrawal. Nothing can completely take the withdrawals away unfortunately, and you are right in the midst of the hardest part. It sucks. Period.
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    Yeah, I'm with Good on this, you have to force yourself, you can start slowly and ramp up, but you must make it a priority the same as brushing your teeth.

    I have suffered from on and off depression since my teens and I realize that exercise is mandatory for me even when I'm not PMOing. Both in combination literally force depression from my brain…along with all the other good stuff.

    We porn addicts, or addicts of any sort have special brains, I like to say…we are easily addicted to things, but when not addicted and functionally optimally we function at a higher level than people who aren't easily addicted.

    I have no science to prove this, it is just my observation, and hopefully it motivates somebody.

    I really believe this…because my brain can go from night to day, as it were; it's both a blessing and a curse. If you manage it, it can just a blessing, if you don't just a curse…it's up to you.
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    In light of our recent discussion in the ED column, do you think that perhaps the depression has had an impact on the effectiveness of your recovery? There has long been a correlation between depression/apathy and low libido.

    I'm sure there is some merit in this belief. Our brains are highly susceptible to hyper-stimulation. If we choose to subject them to a worthy cause and they get hooked, then it's axiomatic that they would out-perform the average mind through an obsessive passion and sheer tenacity.
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    My depression has gone hand in hand with PMO abuse for many years, as well as not taking enough self care, some alcohol abuse (within a weekend binge range), quite a few reasons really, some family issues, however PMO is the number cause of my depression in my long observation of over 2+ years battling this disease of the brain.

    When I've gone 30 to 60 days of no PMO (with the exception of the down days and withdrawals, there are definitely those), my life long depression has magically cleared.

    In addition it cleared in emotional ways that drugs never did. I've been on the anti-depressant drugs and off of them, while rebooting, it didn't matter…PMO was the primary driver for how I felt in my mood and in my energy.

    I've been sexually obsessed and over sexed since grade school, along with all the trappings, masturbation addiction, porn addiction, sex addiction (most likely -- jury is still out on this).

    Too much sexual stimulation (and especially way too much unnatural stimulation) burns out the reward centers of the brain and motivation just dies away and you get depression, I see this in my own life as clear as day.

    Glad to see you agree with my anecdotal observation about easily addict brains and achieving in life…I think some day soon that will be proven scientifically.

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