Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by TheBorb, May 14, 2016.

  1. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector

    Can someone get rid of these motherfuckers? They're stinking up the place.
  2. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector


    Come on guys, they're infecting everywhere now. It's getting pathetic.

    Please get rid. ;)
  3. wilder

    wilder Member

    I really wish they could bring along some more moderators. Don't get me wrong, I think the current mods/admins are great; but the amount of spambots as certainly increased - whether their presence be known through msg's or posts. =/
  4. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector

    And...they're BACK!!!

    You know when the grass in your garden gets too high and starts to make your property look like it's owned by elderly residents who've died in the building?

    THIS is what YBR is becoming. Clean it up, for god's sakes... :mad:
  5. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    They are ads, they help pay the bills. Ironically, they are necessary. Based on how the algorithm is set up they only post on low traffic areas and therefore, it's not too hard to ignore them.
  6. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector

    They are annoying and I hate them and they make the place look bad. And at the moment, there are oodles of 'advertisements' for meds that can cause erectile dysfunction...on a forum that is supposed to be all about NOT having erectile dysfunction. Ironic?

    Why not just a banner ad at the top of the forum or something?
  7. New Start

    New Start I owe it to her, to myself, and to my God.

    The spammers are NOT drawing revenue to the site. That's not how this works. They are selfishly spamming their crap over this place to make a few bucks for whoever is paying them to do this. This site earns no benefits from spam being posted in forums. All the spam does is drive potential users away making this place look as if it is abandoned.
  8. NovoElevation

    NovoElevation Member

    Underdog should appoint some moderators so they do some work on this forum. Please, this spam is bad for the forum. Do NOT let they ruin it.
  9. lookingahead

    lookingahead To restore my inmost being. Staff Member

    Actually he has appointed some new moderators and I'm one of them. If you see any spam, please report it, and I'll get an e-mail. I'm logged on the forum all the time so I can delete spam pretty fast. Of course, I'll need each one of you to do your part and report spam when you see it.
  10. Newnes

    Newnes Well-Known Member

    Yes, just report the spam and we'll delete it :)

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