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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by brain123, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 2- didnt even let me trigger in the sligtest way so far. this is the key!!
    worked out really great-

    CUT INTERRUPT dont touch focus on tranforming the energy!
    this time i will go till day 12 at least ! lets go! IM SUPER EXITED!!!
  2. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 3, im really proud how consistent im gettin to day 3 or more in the last weeks and months. this makes me feel energy spikes pretty often during the course of a month.


  3. brain123

    brain123 Member

    felt really low energy today, probably because of my hard workout shedule in the last days. also my body screams for fapping and porn and action. super weird. will go for a walk now
  4. brain123

    brain123 Member

    pushed through yesterday - im proud. its day 4 today.
    will go to the gym today and go out also and get a massage.

    interrupting thoughts and not gettin triggered is so insanely important. i got triggered a bit yesterday again. will not make this mistake again!
  5. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 4 over. worked out, went out. didnt really approach a lot, still had some conversations, got lots of attention from woman. but i was pretty tensed and tired from my workout.
    day 5 tomorrow!

    interrupt, no toching, focus on transforming my energy! lets go!
  6. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 5 guys, im rocking it. but still have to be really careful to not get triggered!
    have to be careful to not go sexual with girls i meet in the club too early so that if i dont have sex im insanely loaded and could easily get triggered to fap.
    the internet and my computer isnt a big problem - its more like the real world now.

    dont touch
    focus on energy!

    lets go! will go to day 20!
  7. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 5, got triggered in real life again. but lets stay strong.

    interrupt thoughts
    dont touch
    focus on transforming the energy

    lets go to day 6 tomorrow
  8. brain123

    brain123 Member

    same pattern again, got triggered yesterday. pressure got to high. fapped 4 times since then. will take 1 day now to get the lesson, calm down and go for the next try.
    but my awareness of the same patterns get bigger and bigger
  9. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 1, im feeliing motivated to rock it. will have super social days the next days. going out a lot.
    also i know my triggers even better now - most of them are in real life situations.
    lets rock it
  10. brain123

    brain123 Member

    super easy day 1. my restart strategy always works awesome. i fap 3-4 times, so that i dont enjoy the last fap and then the first days are always pretty easy. and the second day i feel to get the drive back

    interrupt thoughts, cut them, dont touch - focus on ur energy! lets go to day 2.
  11. brain123

    brain123 Member

    it was day 7 today. my week was so full and so active that the time passed by super easily without any real danger to fap.
    im going out almost everyday, had a really active social life, also had alone time today - recharged.

    will go out in the next 2 days. and i will not fap in the next month. just have sex. no fap!

    cutting and interrupting thoughts, no touching, focusing on energy. lets continue this journey!
  12. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 9. feeling the energy. cut thoughts, dont touch, have enough to do in my life.
  13. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 10, i was going out alone, and able to take tons of action.
    was awesome.

    my shedule is kind of fucked now but i will go and continue, gym, work and everything. lets go.

    but im seeing that different places trigger me a different way.
  14. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 10 going. feeling really energised but also some urges come up. have to interrupt the thought of fapping or anything like that!
    cut,interrupt, dont touch.

    i also had some sex dreams, which doesnt make it easier. but lets go!
  15. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 11, had sex. had zero problems. had to stop myself from coming to fast with out any fantasising.
    im officially cured. but thats not the reason why i do nofap and noporn. i do it cause if gives me drive.

    so lets go. no orgasm for 7 days again.

    day 1
  16. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 1 - so lets go. feeling my energy beeing a little down today because of the orgasms. but at the same time im feeling how im feeling way more "piece of mind" because i had sex. it definitly makes a good difference. i expect my drive coming back at day 2-3. like always.

    dont touch, focus on energy, interrupt and cut thoughts.

    also im seeing how my discipline if i want to attract a girl is not really high to do the work. my brain and actions always want to have immediate results which leads me into fucking up the conversations many times. interesting observation.
  17. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 1, pretty easy. i think i know my system now, this seems to defintily work for me.
    lets go. i sensed how my drive to socialise was way worse today, but that makes sense cause im always like that after i orgasm for the next day.
    tomorrow it will be better.

    cut thoughts, interrupt, no touching, no triggering, focus on energy!
  18. brain123

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  19. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 2 had some urges, and thoughts about sex but i didnt think about fapping it was more a desire to have sex again. so everything fine.
    felt little weird today because i worked out pretty hard yesterday. lets go
  20. brain123

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    day 3 guys, im having my system set now. i know what to do to be driven to meet girls, i know and can fap in a regulated manner, i had sex and it worked.
    after countless tries and reflection and keeping journals this is finally some place where i can work with.

    will go out later today. and continue nofap. today my drive slowly comes back.

    its interesting how all these things fall together now.

    no touch, interrupt thoughts, focus on energy.

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