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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by brain123, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. brain123

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    day 4 over. i have to overcome lots of doubt in my life in order to get to the next level in my life. and nofap gives me the additional energy and leverage.

    dont touch
    transform sexual energy!
  2. brain123

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    DAY 1, this time i want to do it better. INTERRUPT THOUGHTS faster, dont even let them come up.
    dont touch, and focus on transforming the energy!!

    but the interrupting thoughts is the most important thing EVER!! lets goo!!
  3. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 2 nofap, feeling the drive.
    doing pretty well in interrupting my thoughts and movies in my head. will continue. went out today.

    dont touch, focus on transforming the energy!
    lets go!!
  4. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 3, interrupting THOUGHTS, no touching and focusing on transforming the energy. im feeling it.

    will not go out today, instead go to the gym and workout - going out is tomorrow on the line again!
  5. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 3 over, interrupting thoughts is the absolute key for everything.
    continue not touching
    and focusing on transforming the energy. went to the gym with an insanely strong workout. im feeling the energy, my self esteem is up - everything is great.
    will have sex on sunday with a girl i know lets see how it works. im pretty confident.
  6. brain123

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    day 4, INTERRUPT THOUGHTS. is the key key key. reminder for myself. have to be careful to be aware of sexual thoughts and interrupt them. otherwise my functioning of my brain will become lower and i will get mroe and more sex focused which is bad for my energy!
    and dont touch cause it triggers thoughts and urges.

    LETS GO!!
  7. brain123

    brain123 Member

    got caught few times into thining about sex, but then got aware of it.l
  8. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 5, going out tonight and tomorrow. im super exited.
    feeling the energy but have to put active effort in interrupting the thoughts. otherwise it can get extreme fast again and the momentum can turn.

    if i dont interrupt my mind is gettin more and more full with sexual thoughts. if i dont fap then my willpower gets exhausted and my energy is drained.
    so not the nofap is the key thing for getting and transforming the sexual energy - its the interrupting thoughts and not lettin urself get triggered,
    cause once u get triggered things are gettin tougher and tougher
  9. brain123

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    babystepped myself in a stupid way. "just wanted to checkout" the porn of some celebrity i heard about, and found myself few minutes later completly braindead fapping 2 times to porn. and that on a friday, while i want to go out today on a saturday.

    pretty stupid decision.

    but whatever. lets go

    day 1
  10. brain123

    brain123 Member

    will restart tomorrow. im into fap momentum again. lets go tomorrow
  11. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 1, feeling it back.


    going out tomorrow. made some major changes in my believes and realised what is holding me back in my lovelife even more.

    lets go!
  12. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 1 over, had some thoughts about fapping or porn but not really urges.

    focus on interrupt, no touch and transforming energy!
  13. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Day 2, i started to get in better shape and it feels great. i always had the problems when having sex that i wasnt really in good shape and got tired really fast - thats why sex got annoying many times for me. im working on many aspects of my life now cause its all interconnected.

    super easy so far, will go out tonight. the going out motivates me a lot.

    interrupt thoughts, dont touch, focus on transforming my sexual energy!
  14. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 2 over. had a pretty pissed moment in the club. club was pretty bad today, was tuesday. after it i feel like fapping or watching porn to release the stress. but i will just stay present and let this feeling go soon.

    lets go to day 3 tomorrow!
  15. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 3, im feeling huge power from my balls. with therapy, meditation, yoga, gettin happier, im now able to identify that its power, and energy. and not frustration that needs to be let out.

    before i always intepreted that as frustration. now i see and feel it more clearly. its like everything makes more sense.
    thats the weird thing about confusing emotions if you are too caught up - you dont know what is what.

    but now i know

    lets continue

    dont touch, CUT THOUGHTS INTERRUPT THEM. focus on that energy that i have!
  16. brain123

    brain123 Member

    caught triggered. for 20 minutes- a fter thati tried to calm myself down for hours. didnt work.
    then i decided to fap to relesae the pressure and dont do the mistake the next time

    day 1
  17. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 2. its interesting, that my biggest triggers are in real life. thats a really good sign. but still - trigger is trigger.
    makes no sense if im gettin triggered in real life and my brain is literally just brain dead no matter what i do.

    i will learn to interrupt myself in reallife.
  18. brain123

    brain123 Member

    fapped 2 times to porn. what the hell. sleep deprivation always makes me a different person.
  19. brain123

    brain123 Member

    ok lets go back. i will interrutp and cut my thoughts from the first second. will go out to meet woman.
    and go back.

    interrupt thoughts. no touching. focus on tranforming and using the energy.
  20. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 2. will interrupt even the slightest trigger. and avoid it. i can do it . lets go!

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