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    day 1 ,
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    I will not even try to be on nofap while corona times. day 1. will still keep this journal for habbit reasons.
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    fapping became pretty much a strong habbit of mine in the last 1,5 months cause of corona.
    i need to start with the basics again which is - interrupt thoughts, no touching .

    day 1 today - lets go.

    im gettin used to the corona lifestyle now and i think if i focus on interrupting thoughts and not touching - it will make the whole thing way easier.

    i dont have any problems though - not any decline in motivation or drive. i just want to have it a little bit more under control - and not do it everyday to get the extra edge - but i will have no expectation or pressure.

    will just see what happens if i interrupt my thoughts, start this journal again and stop touching.
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    Life literally comes in waves. And thats a really important thing for me that i realised and thats why i also dont need nofap challenges anymore so much.

    i dont have any urges to fap or watch porn for weeks. which is really cool - but i will not fight it, the same way i will not fight it when i go through weeks of stronger urges.

    i have a really good overall balance - and thats what its all about. nothing is ever as good and as bad as we think- its way more likely that its just a wave and we are overintepreting it and therefore trying to control it more then we can and should.
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