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    day 3 - feeling how everything comes back. the structure, the enviorenment - the new challenges - my focus - presence - everything is on a good level.
    also i lost weight and body fat and im down to 16 % bodyfat now, which makes me feel better, i can sleep better - and many more things.

    will go down to 14 % to maintain a really good health level. i think these things effect everything in a positive way a lot.

    and another important thing is to fullfill my desire and need for enough social life during the day and get my most productive time before the sun goes down.

    the more happy i am, the less i want to fap, the more likely im to meet and attract more woman and be attracted to them. the stronger this cycle goes. and thats what its all about.
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    My body got pretty tired from a pretty intense run yesterday, felt it pretty fast being into today. then i felt pretty down, low energy, had urges - my happiness was down. interesting how this works. will not to this intense run workouts anymore . its a good sign that i was able to do them again -but i forgot what it does to my body if i do them too much instantly.
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    so much in life is emotional patterns that were coping mechanisms. and i see this more and more.
    working with a psychologist on it, gettin consistency in my life - overcoming the manifestations of old behaviour and believes and chaos.

    also fixation on a girl i was literally obsessed with and i never got her - im slowly gettin there. i think it needs time - but i never gave myself the time. and i probably took a lot of other girls away from my life by obsessing over the one girl .

    its day 4 today - im gettin way more awareness of my life and everything. and also i realised how my old strategies for woman - like going out to the club a lot and pressuering myself to meet woman there - destroyed my whole life in many ways. because of sleep patterns, the actiity itself and many more things.

    so much in life is about balance and awareness .
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    oh yeah yesterday was really tough - lesson learned - no tough running sessions anymore. will quit this completly from my system. it took my lots of distraction, rebalancing and awareness to not go into a big downwardspiral again yesterday.
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    day 5 - got pretty intense sex dreams with the girl that i spent way too much energy in my life at.
    i think this will take lots of time to recover from that - the main thing is to avoid her, dont think about her and just focus on new stuff.

    its funny how deep all this manifestions work. first it was porn, then it was fapping, then it was my general life and many more distractions, my diet, my sleep, my approach to life , my balance. and now where i fixed most of the stuff - its subtle things like people and this girl - who i chased without any success - or with small successes. and i got used to this energy sucking behaviour. its a typical "one it is" basicly . if i fix this - and im on a really good way - i will release tons of more energy .

    lets go!
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    day 6, had sex yesterday - worked really fine and i see how it positivly influences me when having sex and how bad it feels when i dont have it. its the first time in my 30 years that i can isolate the positive and negative influences of sex or not having sex because i fixed so many other things like diet, workout, sleep and so on. before i couldnt really isolate the sex thing because i had so many other things that were also not working properly.

    great feeling!
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    created strategy, narrowed down my goals and the way i will approach my lovelife from now on and the first time of my life i feel alligned with it.
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    its funny that my obsession with the one girl went down dramatically after i got aware about the problem and decided to completly delete it out of my head and cut contact with her. its still part of my thoughts sometimes , but if it was a 90/100 before, now its probably just a 20-25/100. and it will probably go down even more if i just continue with my way of not focusing on it, not having contact and going my way of doing things.

    so much in life is fixed so easily if we just are consequent for a certain amount of time and give ourselves a chance to heal from old wounds and to find room for new things.
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    fapped yesterday, was really active yesterday and didnt eat enough, i was really low energy in the evening and couldnt sleep well because of that. but at least i stopped my masturbation about that one girl - and giving room to more girls now. but its interesting how masturbation still feels really frustrating compared to sex because you dont get most of the stuff that you want basicly.

    i just count my streak with removing my focus - so nothing changed - its day 7. and i will continue not fapping more then 1 per week and mostly just have sex if possible.

    its interesting how hope and staying in contact with a girl and having some progress while still not having sex with her - completly fucks up your brain if you do it for long enough. esspecially if you are delussional because she already has a guy and just wants to have some attention instead of being serious. i was really stupid the last years - but now i know better. and i would never know if i didnt remove fapping and porn first because otherwise i would blame it on the porn or fap .
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    got into a downward spiral of not eating enough, then eating shit like sweets, then having an almost allergic reaction to it. then having huge urges to fap. fapped 3 times then.

    but it all started with not eating enough and having downsides in regard of wilpower, sleep and so on.

    i need to find my balance again.

    day 1
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    i will cut all of the superficial sugar out of my diet - for the whole year! and i will start with focusing on it with not eating any of it this week, and with that - to not eat any today.

    it creates such an allergic reaction in my body and gets me into a downward spiral with many many things and gettin used to not eating the shit is the most important thing i could do with my life.

    also i will not watch any porn in the next months. i also didnt watch any for like 10 days so far.
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    adjusted some small things in my diet that stabilised my sugar cravings. its the next important step to a life free of stimulation. i always drank 3-4 teas per day with honey - and thought its ok - but its not - its sugar that destroys my energy and body.

    fapped 2 times yesterday, my urges were insane - also thinking about the girl came back.

    but i know that it was just a reaction to the downwardspiral that was started by the sugar 2 days ago.

    feeling way better today, way more focused and balanced. im gettin really good in just recognizing the causes and letting things pass by and wait for better times, and take my lessons with me.

    also i still didnt watch porn for 10 days. and i will not watch it for the next 3 months. but i will just tackle that challenge day by day.

    thinking too far ahead to the future always stresses me and increases the chance of going into a downward spiral again.
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    Urges are like expected - at level zero. its insane what the sugar did to me.

    lets go.

    day 1.

    expecting to have the upsides of me having sex on sunday for 3-4 more days. then my need for it will come back. im gettin really aware about the positive influences of having and the negative ones of not having sex.
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    day 2, everything is back to normal. urges are reduced by 90 % - my willpower is high again - its insane what happened to me with the sugar. will never do it again.
    im making huge progress with my body also - went down from 20 % body fat to almost 15 %. which probably will make another big longterm difference.
    im feeling good again - and this time its stuck in my brain that i will just never ever eat sugar or sweets again in my WHOLE LIFE!! its POISON.

    it makes me fap, it makes me not meet woman, it makes me unfocused and stupid and most importantly it makes me insanely depressed and unhappy.

    its basicly my day to day test how bad i want to have a great life versus an average one.
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    Going pretty strong, solid day - no big mood swings - im also really aware about my potential default sabotage mode.
    going to workout now . day 2 is solid.
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    day 3, feeling the natural drive coming back. its so amazing to be able to rely on it.
    i feel so balanced and awesome and my new paradigm really helps me to rock it in life and make sure i stay on track.
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    Got lost in too much social time, didnt eat, didnt take time for myself - forgot myself - and ended up in a downward spiral of fapping in the end of the evening.

    focus on sleep, taking time for myself, and not gettin lost in social life - its the other side of the extreme.

    also i just cant rely on having my social life and love life being centered on the night. my sleep is just a way too important part of my life. even going out every 2 or 3 weeks completly gets me in the danger zone of losing my whole structure. im accepting this fact more and more and i also see how not seeing that created a lot of harm in my life.
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    making some major shifts - like not going to clubs anymore - gettin my sleep to the next level - finally probably fixing it soon.
    gettin aware about my dopamine inbalances and having a good strategy for it.

    and working on my self image - which is also a key component. its day 1. lets go.

    oh yeah and porn is completly out of my dopamine system. i will not watch it for at least 3 months now - im already at like 20 days or more of the time where i was not sick or things like that.

    so im making really good progress and having set up a system that just works really fine.
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    day 2, still no huge natural drive to meet woman. and i will wait till it comes - which most likely will start tomorrow again.
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    really stable mood- no big downs or highs. just enjoying the moment . and created new strategy for meeting people and woman.

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