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  1. brain123

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    day 53 over.
  2. brain123

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    day 54, still having dreams about porn. also dreams about the girl came up again.
    my unconcious is still trying to get me back. but im stronger!!

    my sensitivty is REALLY high in my dick, my feelings for the girl im dating are also really high.
    but still long way to go. i think the next 30-40 days will have an exponential effect, everyday will probably have 3-4 times the effect compared to the first 53 days.

    i have to always keep this in my mind, and never get WEAK. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. brain123

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    day 55, over. felt pretty strong missing feelings cause im out of town - went for a run to get them under control.
    it worked , but was a pretty chaotic day today. emotionally, structurewise, bodywise. but yeah happens - lets get back into balance!
  4. brain123

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    day 56. kissed some other girl yesterday. today is day 57. close to 60 days. yesssss.

    didnt workout for days cause i got injured. will probably restart tomorrow.
  5. brain123

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    day 57 almost over. will go to bed really early today, and wake up early tomorrow. so that i can start killin it in life. with gym, diet, work, everything.
    im really motivated to become my best self!!!
  6. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 58 starts. completly switched my sleeping rhytm and it feels WAY better. this will be another lifechanging change in my life.
    and because im dating this one girl now, i dont have the huge need to pursue the uneffective going out to nightclubs. i will do it occasionally but rather focus on building a really attractive lifestyle where i will attract girls in a way
    that fits my personality better because i hate crowded clubs.

    also im practising pc muscle training for a few days now and already seeing great improvements.
    fapping is completly out of my system, but i will still be really aware of everything. porn also - but its still a danger and risk i have to be aware of .
    but right now my brain connects urges with " i miss the girl " feelings and need to go to the gym. which is a complete different world then before.
    also im more used to the urges and accept them as everyday life and can let them go more easily instead of seeing them as a sign of energy that needs to be released.

    this journey is still life changing beyond recognition!!!
  7. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 59. still changing my fundamental habbit and structures. going through pain period. but its insanely important.

    will go to the gym now. started reading in the morning.
  8. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 59, continueing the day.
  9. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 59 over. really exhausting and confusing day. but i made it.
  10. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 60 i really Made it.
  11. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Lets make a resumee after 60 days .

    what did i gain/learned/ what changed?

    i met a girl i have really strong feelings for and everything is going into the direction of having a relationship with her.
    my dick sensitivy is WAY bigger
    i almost lost all of thoughts and feelings about my fixation and old fantasy behaviour. they are at almost zero now and esspecially the last 10-20 days this process accerelated.
    im in the shape of my life because of all the workouts and energy i did
    i got pretty much many parts of the rest of my life under control also - sleep pattern, eating, drinking, consistentcy, mindset. all of the sudden everything else is there also and was something that was important for me.
    i learned that i still im not that interested in going to nightclubs and i hate croweded envirenments. i will still do it every 2 weeks or so to not avoid a important part of life - which is socialising but now that i got my drive i KNOW for sure that this is just not the right thing for me.
    im way more confident to have sex
    its really easy for me to get a boner now.
    i started training my pc muscle to hold my errection longer and to be able to come without coming.

    so you see, the benefits i got so far are COMPLETLY insane!!!

    also my frustration tolerance and behaviour got WAY better.

    and i think when i look at the last 10-20 days that this process and progress will accelerate even more in the next 30 days. so i will not get into the illusion to think that this is. i will continue this route. and make the 90 days happen!!!!

    if i look back to the days where i thought i made "good progress " after 7 days and i couldnt hold my urges anymore and HAD to have sex or fap and thought "that i can effort to do it " i have to laugh. i was really far away from any progress but even considereing it - 60 days is not that much . and the payoff you get is completly insane!!!
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  12. doanl

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    I really enjoy your resumee, I've already told you that, but thanks for the energy and the inspiration you provide.
  13. brain123

    brain123 Member

    happy u like it doanl. appreciate ur support.

    was with the girl yesterday. my errections are really strong and stable and really easy to get.

    but having urges today. will go for a short run now to get rid of them even though its restday today.
  14. brain123

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    oh yeah its day 61
  15. brain123

    brain123 Member

    day 62, had urges yesterday,didnt go for a run, had social time instead - was pretty fun.
    im reconditioning my confidence around sex, my business and finance situation got pretty critical and i decided to totally turn my life around - and the confidence of nofap helps me to believe that i will do it.
    also the girl that im dating now for 2 months - i still like her and more and more and we are starting to act like a couple. and im learning a lot in this regard of self management, emotions that come up, woman in generell and seeing how to universal priciples also apply to that.
    i want to see her every day but i see also how this can easily just lead to the next addiction and also to things gettin used , so that the exitement fades away really quickly.

    so its about managing all these things. and im really exited to see where this will lead me to.

    im approaching things day to day!
  16. brain123

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    day 62 over. was a pretty energized day, its funny that i dont see urges as urges anymore. its just a body reaction that i feel - and then i want to do something or i just observe and let it go. fapping is not even in my head anymore. porn is completly absurd.

    worked out a lot today, went for an run after again. worked.

    my focus is there, im feeling it. let continue, lets rock life.
  17. brain123

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    day 63. life is short guys. thats what i realised yesterday. and i want to make the best out of it and realise my potential.
    woke up early today, will change a few key habbits of mine, like being late and things like that.
    adjusted my workout yesterday, feeling better.

    lets rock ittttttttt

  18. brain123

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    day 64, lets go. dick sensitifity gets higher and higher, natural drive high, confidence high.
  19. brain123

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    day 65. feeling good, my confidence and readiness and willingness to have sex is really high. girls react insanely different to me all of the sudden even girls i know for a long time are insanely attracted all of the sudden.
    this all gets better and better.
  20. brain123

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    day 66, had a really cool time with the girl yesterday. and im gettin more and more relaxed and my motivation to have sex in the situation itself gets higher and higher.
    but i still need time, i can feel it. but i might think about having sex once soon and then going for another 20-30 days.

    oh and had some really weird sex dreams again without coming but with beeing super horny all the time and some old fixation topics came up again.

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