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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by brain123, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Im 29 now. the first time i postet here i was 25.

    Still struggling, not really with porn addiction, im just watching porn once every 2 weeks.
    But im masturbating a lot. Probably 2-3 times per day and it takes my motivation to meet girls.

    Also i changed my behaviour and stopped going to clubs, because i hate beeing awake at night, i hate too many people around me and i think its a horrible place to meet woman while staying happy for me. also i dont drink and my body also doesnt handles alcohol that well.

    So now that my day is based around daytime more. i want to stop fapping again, or at least do it way less then 2-3 times per day. more like 1-2 times per week maybe.

    i want to stronger my confidence again, get used to meeting woman and have the drive.

    i never remember what my passwords are - thats why i have this new account now.

    No thoughts
    no touching myself
    and interrupt sexual thoughts and fantasies. That was always the way to go to make nofap happen. also i will post daily here.

    today is day 1. lets go!
  2. brain123

    brain123 Member

    so its day 1. i have some random urges to fap. but will interrupt now and post instead here. i will make it to day 2!
  3. brain123

    brain123 Member

    My brain told me to fap 100 times last night, cause i couldnt sleep without it.
    didnt do it, at some point i falll asleep.

    day 1 done, now im at day 2. interrupt, no toching, no fantasies. thats the to do , to reach my goal.
    the first 1 to 2 days are always the hardest if im in such a big habbit of fapping daily 1 to 2 times. but i feel gettin my control back
    after gettin over day 1! it was far from easy!!
  4. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Its day 2, no urges so far. But if they come im ready. No touching, no fantasies, and interrupt every thought.
    I will go to day 3 and reach my goal. lets go.

    this will give me the self control that i need. Also it will improve my self esteem and give me more natural drive to meet woman.
  5. FUBB

    FUBB Member

    You are in denial. Porn is still part of your life. A reduction is commendable, but a reboot is not possible while it remains.
    Many underestimate masturbation. Until you have rebooted, this needs to be cut out entirely. At that stage, many months down the line, you can decide to do it sometimes.
  6. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Yeah you are right. I will stop porn completly. Fapped today on day 4. Will restart today.

    Day 1 lets go. But im proud i got to day 4.
  7. FUBB

    FUBB Member

    That is great! Even if you extend your benchmark by one extra day each time, you will be making progress. Make sure you are masturbation+porn-free!
  8. brain123

    brain123 Member

    it always happens tthe same thing to me.
    if im on nofap and then i fap once, my logic turns off and i fap multiple times that day.
    i fapped 2 times now to porn, so 3 time fapping today. im really addicted to porn and even if i dont fap to porn
    my orgasms are way stronger if my fantasies are related to porn. this is just insane.

    i need to reboot. tomorrow we go to day 1 again.
    no fantasies, no fap, block all porn sites. no toching myself.
  9. FUBB

    FUBB Member

    Yeah once you experience one orgasm, the brain chases more and more dopamine i.e. the chaser effect. :oops: This usually ebbs away on day three after you cum. So, you need to be vigilant. You will need to avoid triggers and should they arise unexpectedly, you'll need to take evasive action. Acting quickly is the key to success. :) Delay is deadly.
  10. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Thank you FUBB. the chaser effect sounds pretty logical. i need to avoid that.
    i ended up not beeing able to sleep and fapping anoher time. so 4 times in less then 20 hours after the 3 day nofap.
    this chaser effect is stronger then i would think.

    i want to go to day 7 nofap. the challenge is that i always go crazy and get insane ideas like going out to nightclubs in the middle of the week when im in nofap and this fucks up my whole shedule and life. so finding a balance is the key for me.

    today is day 1. lets go!
  11. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Guys, im at day 3 again. Without even trying so hard. I was really tired from working out so much in the last days, that i didnt even had huge drive to fap. Pretty funny how that works.

    Lets go - this time i wanna go to day 7 at least. Its time to get this handled. I also wanna get into online dating again and meeting girls again. That totally fall out of my system in the last times.
  12. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Guys its day 4. I made some pretty profound lifestyle changes and got really aware about who i am in the last months. and this no fap journey will get me to the next level. i have sex dreams, morning woods, but i will still make it and not fap till day 7. but today i first will make it through day 4.

    no touching, interrupt thoughts, no fantasies.

    lets go guys. this time i will crush it. this will be my new years gift to myself.
  13. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Day 4. Its almost finished, no big urges. The thing that i want to avoid is the chaser effect. Because im sure this is what always destroyed my good intentions. Once im in the chaser effect, everything is over for a few days, and sometimes weeks and months. I will make it, lets kill it!!
  14. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Guys, made it till day 5. The first time for months. Im really proud. Im Structured, strong, disciplined, and intelligent. Knowing the chaser effect, and making sure to not get into it again and interrupting everything that could lead to fapping. While having a good diet and working out to make sure i release my energy in a good way. Also im way more focused in working and im on a great journey of self discovery.

    LETS GO!!
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  15. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Day 5, i had a pretty long strike of frustration. It went for pretty surely 2 hours. In the end i was so tired of it that i decided i wanna to fap.
    But then while taking a quick walk the frustration went away, and now i feel good again.

    Im gettin used to negative emotions and just staying present with them. And at some point they dissapear again.
    I think this is a big part of fap not meeting woman, its not beeing able to stay present to negative emotions, which are a part of life, and instead always trying to fix them as soon as possible with some fast dopamine rush. Like with fapping, or porn, eating, alcohol or whatever.

    After overcoming this period today im sure i will go to day 6 tomorrow. Lets continue this interesting , challenging journey.
  16. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Day 6 reached guys. It was not easy, but i made it. Lets go through this day and make it happen.
  17. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Day 6 is over. Had to deal again with some frustration. Went out, and a friend pushed me hard to approach two woman. Which i did. I was happy that i did it. But its a long way to go still.

    Im gettin turned on by looking at womans bodies again, its pretty funny how it works if my brain doesnt get orgasms for a few days. Also my mind tells me to go out to the club - which i cant because it throws me out of structure- but i try to approach in the daytime.. I have to keep a balance. No extremes that are not substainable.
  18. FUBB

    FUBB Member

    Well you are on day 7 and this will be another significant challenge. The reason is that seven days after we cum our bodies peak in testosterone - the male sex hormone. :oops:

    No need to panic. What has worked for you this week will also see you through to this evening. On Wednesday for example, you felt frustrated and you decided you wanted to masturbate. However, while taking a quick walk, the frustration and the seeming need to masturbate abated. A cold shower is another option you have if you experience the inclination to masturbate and/or use porn. Furthermore, you said previously that you are getting used to negative emotions and just staying present with them. Good!

    So, you clearly have the internal and external resources to manage your sexual feelings. A slip-up now would simply mean retracing these same steps. So, keep moving on!
  19. brain123

    brain123 Member

    Man, you are amazing. Thank you so much for giving me this awarenesses. I really appreciate that.

    Im on day 8 now. The gettin used and staying present to frustations, is a huge game changer. It trains me that negative emotions are normal, we all experience them - and trying to fix them instantly - is the huge problem. If i get them i just stop fighting them. And if they get to unmanagable i do something normal like walk, or exercise to get them under control. This is most of the time more then enough to get over them.

    Also i have to be careful because im used to banging some female friends of mine sometimes. I have to stop this, this is also just a form of disctration. since i just do it as a habbit and not cause i like it that much . its just a little better then masturbation to be honest, since i dont feel that attracted to them and i mostly just get lost in fantasiazing about porn or something.

    I will be aware that it gets tough on day 8 and more because of the peak of hormones like you said. I feel way more confident, started to approach woman, (with friends needing to push me to do it -but still a good first step). and i will continue. LETS MOVE ON and rock this shit. this will be a amazing new years eve present for me to get to day almost 40 for end of the year!
  20. FUBB

    FUBB Member

    You're welcome brainy lol :D

    Banging some of your female friends may be counterproductive in the early phases of your recovery. So, it is good you are inclined to stop. First, sexual activity releases dopamine which is not helpful when the brain is repairing its reward circuits. It is honest of you to disclose that while you are having intercourse your mind is using porn fantasies rather than engaging with the real person in front of you. That is the sort of thing that will change over time, so it would be better to just stop it right now.

    It's good your confidence is higher. Also bear in mind that after the testosterone peak of day 7, the hormone levels reduce again to a normal level. Keep on rocking brother!

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