Some Philosophy To Help With Women!

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by ted93704, Mar 5, 2016.

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    The whole dating thing is a game and should be looked at as a game. There are various ways to play games and each of us must find a way to play the game that best suits our temperment and personality! If we fail to do this we wont be happy! I"m a hopeless romantic and I tend to get hurt very easy. I've been chatting this Filipina girl (many of them to be honest but this one girl; Marifel is very special to me) and we recently got very close. The two years I have known her she has had a boyfriend. and a kid. A few months ago she messaged me after a long spell of not chatting..she told me she was embarassed because she had a kid and didnt know how to tell me. Anyway, we got very close and we cam sexed, she sent me nude pictures...and I sent her some money..a whole care package for her and her son (I got him gummie bear vitamins..along with clothes for him and for her)..I was very generous to her and then out of hte blue she goes back to her ex..LOL...Needless to say, I am very hurt..but I am trying to learn to control my emotions. emotions. Its funny how you start reading some philosophy and the god's give you ways to learn to implement the new philosophy! Be careful what you wish for!

    Remaining unaffected

    From Apollonius [I learned] moral freedom, the certainty to ignore the dice of fortune, and have no other perspective, even for a moment, than that of reason alone; to be always the same man, unchanged in sudden pain, in the loss of a child, in lingering sickness.


    From Maximum [I learned] self-mastery, immune to any passing whim; good cheer in all circumstances, including illness; a nice balance of character, both gentle and dignified; and uncomplaining energy for what needs to be done.


    If this is no wrongdoing of mine, nor the results of any wrong done to me, and if the community is not harmed, then why do I let it trouble me? And what is the harm that can be done to the community?
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    bu-but roosh said filipinas were perfect women!
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    Ted, you are a fucking legend! ;D ;D ;D

    LEDGE!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    Nice post :D

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